Monday, August 27, 2012

Awesome things.

This weekend was full of fun. I did my very first group bike ride.

Heels on Wheels. It started at my favorite bike shop, Houndstooth Road. It's the shop where my bike is from. It has fantastic items and I wish I could take everything home with me. Not to mention that the owner Jae is super knowledgeable and friendly.  It was a really fun experience and I will definitely go to more events if I can.  A  picture taken on that day was posted on Atlanta Bicycle Chic. I feel very chic to be in one of the pictures and my bike is featured in the group shot!

I had to leave early though because Eric was taking his very first Flight lesson and I had to make it to my parents for my Aunt's birthday party. (Happy Birthday Aunt Kelly.)

Flight Lesson! I kind of glazed over it but Eric has started taking lessons. I am so excited for him. I bought him a headset earlier this week, but Saturday was his first real lesson. He learned about plane maintenance and took off and flew a real Cessna 172! How amazingly cool is that. Now in the realm of reality is owning a plane, and flying it places. What a wonderful and crazy day Saturday was.

Now I just hope our future plane is as cute as my bicycle.