Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Film Contest

My company is having a short film contest. I am excited to see what happens with it. I love film and movies and the whole idea of a short film contest appeals to me on many levels.

Monday, October 5, 2009


Our wedding was called by some of our guests the "danciest wedding they'd ever been to" Which is exactly what I was hoping for. I had so much fun on the dance floor.  I think my guests did too. We danced the whole night away and would have kept dancing if we had been aloud to. Yesterday marked us being married for two months and I've been reliving wedding memories through music. So Shout!, Journey, and the YMCA all typical wedding songs were played plus all sorts of pop music that get's everyone dancing.  It was a magical night and I wish I could relive it. I'll just have to wait for the next wedding we get to attend and hope it's full of dancing too.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Don't take yourself to serious

When you are getting married you try to plan ever detail. You schedule tons of things and try and get the moment just right. Well you can't plan the people factor. Our ceremony was perfect. The music was just what I hoped it would be. I didn't want typical wedding day music and searched high and low for something that fit our location. A 1896 Victorian chapel in the shape of an octagon. It is really cute. I finally settled on combining 3 songs from the score of Pride and Prejudice (the remake). It was perfect. All the girls walked down. I walked down and didn't fall (miracle) my Dad gave me away. Then our ceremony was really emotional. I was grinning like crazy I was so happy. Eric on the other hand was a ball of emotion he was so choked up. (I absolutely thought it would be me crying.) He was so emotional there was not a dry eye in the room. Finally with all the seriousness done. Vows said! (we wrote our own and they were beautiful.) It was time for the big ring exchange.
We wrote our ceremony and had a part about my wedding band and my engagement ring. We had been engaged for 3 years so it seemed important to mention it. Well Eric's Brother, and Best Man goes to hand Eric my ring and oops he dropped it. I cracked up laughing it was so funny. His face was complete horror. Our Reverend, Deanna, laughed too. Eric had the "oh Brother" Charlie Brown face. It was so funny and broke the very emotional and sentimental tension during our ceremony. I wouldn't have traded it for anything. It just goes to show that you can plan everything down to the second but can't control everything.

So if your getting married and something happens, grin and laugh. It may make one of your favorite moments.

proposing and pictures

photos by Shannon Wright
Eric and I took a moment to take some pictures in the Garden that he proposed in.  It was fun to be there in all our wedding finery. Above is Eric and I reenacting where it all happened.  We almost got married in the garden but realized in August we would 1. roast. and 2 get eatin' alive by bugs. Good thing we changed locations.  After our quick photo shoot we headed on to our reception. 

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The details-girls edition

The girls details were a little simpler than the guys, but still important. My shoes were the jumping point in my wardrobe and were the second thing I bought after my dress.  In someways my shoes ranked even higher than my dress.  I really love shoes.  But to continue the Blue/Pink theme my girls wore European Royal Blue dress's by Bill Levkoff and a hot pink sash.  We all carried hot pink flowers. 
I loved my dress. Not only was it a fantastic deal (thanks to running of the brides my new Demetrios dress was only $268.00) it was pure silk so it was light as a feather. It was perfect for a hot August wedding.
Unlike Eric though my dress is tucked away in a closet and he got to wear his wedding suit today to work. Why can't wedding dresses be fashionable after the wedding.  It was all good fun though and I'll break out my dress again and randomly watch television. Or in reality probably just twirl.  Because no matter how old I get I judge a dress on if I can twirl in it.

Friday, October 2, 2009

The details-reception

 I had so much fun planning our wedding. It was really one of my most creative and DIY years.  Since Eric and I had a long time before wedding day. I had time to search and find really great things. I made all of the paper products for our wedding. Our invites, programs, table numbers, water bottle labels, guest book, seatting sign, dancing shoes signs and bathroom baskets.I spent a lot of time with illustrator.  Above are images from our wedding and a few of the details. 
Our cake was reminiscent of our invitations with a scroll and floral pattern, and everything else either had the actual pattern from our invitations or continued with a bird theme.  I absolutely loved all of the flowers that  Nina from Bella Blooms provided. I had met with her one time in person with images of what I was hoping for. She did a phenomenal job. 
I think one of the best parts of our wedding were some of the details. It was also a real compliment when our guests mentioned them to our families.  In fact looking at these pictures makes me want to do it all over again. If I could only roll back the clock.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The details- guys edition

I love small details from weddings.  While planning my wedding I wanted to have as many small personal touches as possible.  I had a lot of time to plan I figured so I had a lot of time to make sure I could make them happen.  I'm going to start with the guy's details. I love all things that men get to wear.  I also wanted to make sure that my groom wasn't forgotten. So many things in the wedding industry are geared towards the bride.  And the groom is half the wedding. On with my details.
Our whole wedding was color schemed by Eric's tie and my shoes. (More about those later.) His tie was one of the first things we bought. Everything was easy from there. His tie is by Paul Smith and it's fabulous. The lining on the inside of it is roses. I thought that was a real nice touch, especially for our wedding. The groomsmen all wore hot pink and blue ties from thetiebar.com.  They were nice quality and pretty affordable especially when I had to buy 3 of them.
I know in the blog-o-sphere there are many pictures of guys in cool socks.  I loved it from the moment I saw it. Luckily I found some hot pink and navy socks. (Thanks Ralph Lauren!) Even more lucky, my groom and the guys agreed to wear them.
I also had a tough time with finding the perfect cuff links. For a while I wanted to get him some steampunk cuff links made from old watch parts. Then I found a great deal on a watch so I bought him the watch pictured above.  After much searching I realized I wanted to get him something that would be a memory of the location we got married.  It was a plus that I got to include our honeymoon on the new vintage map cuff links I purchased from etsy seller dlkdesigns. They are really cool and I like seeing him wear them, now after our wedding.
Lastly all they guys wore hot pink boutonnieres. It was a nice splash of color on their dark suit jackets.  I think I did a decent job of dolling up the guys. I want them to feel just as important and special as the girls.

Thursday, September 24, 2009



Weddings aren't only about the newly married couple they are a huge family celebration. A merging of two families, another chapter in both families life. My family is a huge part of my life and I was so proud and happy to have them at my wedding.  My Mom who helped me through some of the most challenging planning aspects. My Dad who worried about crying as he gave me away and danced to our first dance. (Trust me I was worried too.) Luckily we both kept it together and last my big and only brother. Who surprised us all with his tears. He was very emotional on our wedding day.  He was a groomsman so Eric got to see him get all choked up over his baby sister's wedding.  The picture above is right after our ceremony.

My wedding wasn't only about Eric and I it was a huge celebration of happiness for my family. I think sometimes while you plan a wedding you forget that a wedding isn't just about the bride and groom. It becomes a very big moment for all families involved.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


When Eric and I were trying to figure out where we would go for our honeymoon we knew we really wanted to go back to Europe. We didn't know though if we had enough cash to make it happen. So for a while we thought going to a tropical island get away would be more affordable. Eric my travel guru took over all honeymoon plans and when it came down to it. St. Maarten was the same price as going to Spain.  So with out much further ado we were headed to Barcelona.
Let me also say that we knew nothing about Barcelona besides, Tapas and the 92 Olympics. We packed our bags, bought a Rick Steve's guide book and hopped our flight. In one word the city is AMAZING. It was so refreshing to not know anything about your destination, to have the freedom to do what ever we wanted. Between the bar exam and wedding planning we both were very busy this summer. We walked the Mediterranean, it was to cold to swim, relaxed by our hotel's roof top pool, rambled up las Ramblas the Sagrida Famila, and drank a lot of Sangria and the local Estrella Damm beer. Our Honeymoon was the perfect kind of vacation for us. A bit of the beach, cool historic sites and the city. I can't wait to go back.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Eric and I had a really hard time with recessional song.  We couldn't decide what we wanted. Did we want it serious.. funny... instrumental like the entrance music?  I already had made my life harder by choosing to walk down the aisle to non traditional music. I found music that fit all I hoped our ceremony would be it was perfect. It also had to be timed just right so we could all walk down and end at the proper spots. I digress, back to the topic. Recessional. The whole week before our wedding and during the week of was full of me fretting and obsessing over songs, youtube, theknot.com lists. Everywhere and anywhere there wedding recessional lists were posted I viewed it. Still nothing really popped out at us.  Finally 3 days before our wedding. We were sitting on the couch talking music and this song popped up into my head. We loved it when we first heard it. It sounded just like the crazy stuff we joke around together with. Enter "all I want is you" by Barry Louis Polisar. I think it took our guests buy surprise and it was perfect. I loved it.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Peach Fanta

I will continue my wedding recaps soon.. but I had to blog about this. Peach Fanta. I puffy heart it. The last time I had it I was walking around London. Probably humming the Lily Allen song of the same name.  I enjoyed it. When I hit state side.. alas I couldn't find it.  Well that's where today came in. While I was picking up my lunch the sub shop I went to had a Coke Freestyle machine. What is that you wonder. It's a wondrous machine that has over 104 flavors of Coca cola! Including my sought after Peach Fanta.  It has everything you could ever want in a soft drink machine. So here I am drinking my Peach Fanta, thinking about a blustery London and thinking damn that machine is pretty cool what else is in it.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I am so excited. I love New York City... I also love my friend that lives there. She is fabulous and very talented. I am so exited I get to visit her and the city.  Today I bought tickets to fly up to NYC to visit her! While I am there I also get to see her perform trapeze. That's actually her above.  I can't wait! One of the coolest things about being over the wedding planning hump is that I now have a bit more money and time to expend on fun travels. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

1 month!

I am so excited. Today is September 1st. I've officially been married for one month.  It has been a crazy hectic month, married, Barcelona, a concert. a new job for Eric and just settling in to life after wedding planning and bar review. Life has been really good. I am really looking forward to eating our cake topper tonight. We aren't saving it. Our cake was too good to save and we would both be heart broken to have it frost bitten.  I am also making a lamb roast in honor of our trip to Barcelona. Cheers to 1 month!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Hair flower

I struggled with if I wanted a veil. Orginally I said NO WAY not me. Then I went back on what I said and said.. maybe a little one. I bought a bird cage veil. I still wasn't feeling it. It just wasn't me.  So I though maybe if I made a hair flower I'd like my veil better.  So I headed over to my local Michael's bought a silk rose and a silk peony. Came home deconstructed them on the sly. Eric didn't want to know what my wedding day wardrobe was.  I made my flower with some tulle and some swarovski crystals I had lying about. I thought it came out perfect. Except It didn't work as I originally intended. I didn't like it at all with the birdcage veil. I like it just as it was. So I went back and forth on a veil, on just a crystal comb and finally settled on a flower. I think it was perfect.
What made it even better is it didn't cost me a fortune. That little flower cost me a whopping $3.00. I'm a natural born deal hunter I couldn't bear to spend 20 bucks on something I could easily make. :) It also is pretty sweet because when I do wear it now. (On special date nights) It reminds me of my wedding day.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rockin the house!


I had a fabulous wedding. I've been reliving it this week through my photographer. The above images are from her. She caught the mood and fun of my wedding beautifully. Though the mood was created by our amazing DJ. Mike Beaver of Beaver Audio was phenomenal! I didn't give him much direction from talking to him I knew that he knew exactly what we were looking for at our wedding, a dance floor filled to max capacity and a mellow but chill feeling during cocktail hour.We had it. He played an awesome mix of music for the cocktail hour. I've had a few requests from our guests of what we had him play. Other than the few requests we had, it was all him and he seemlessly moved from one song to the next. I asked him to read the crowd and play what felt right. He did it perfectly. I wish I had the playlist from that night because it was amazing.  From the time Eric and I arrived the music continued to be spot on. Finally when the dancing  finally commenced it never seemed to stop. It was a blast. I learned from facebook pictures that were posted of my wedding soon after "that mine was the danciest wedding."  We seriously had a conga line for a Journey song. It was so much fun. I think some of my guests could have danced for hours more. Though the fun had to end at midnight.
Along with Mike keeping the dance floor hopping, you can have a photobooth. It was brilliant. My guests crowded into the photobooth (which comfortablly fits 3 I saw at times at least 8 in the booth) to take pictures. The photobooth prints out two sets one for the bride and groom and one for the guest. Let me just say the longer the night went on the better the photos got.  The attendant who happened to also be Mike's wife at the photobooth placed our copy in a photo album and our guests wrote messages beside it.
Hands down Mike and the photo booth contributed to our wedding rocking as much as it did. It makes me want to get married again just to dance the night away again.

My end advice. Talk to your DJ make sure he knows what you want and if he sounds awesome let him do his thing, It's his job, trust him to do a good one and not give an ipod list of songs. You're paying them to be a DJ let them do it. :)  Also  We didn't have a cake cutting song, last dance song,  mother son song I asked for his advice and for a few of them the night before the wedding. He had great suggestions, and he played great songs. He knew what he was doing, a good DJ does besdies he has attended more weddings than I ever will. My virtual shout out to Beaver Audio for making my Wedding night such a great party thank you. :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Me and My Maid of Honor

I had so much fun at my wedding, and she is one of the reasons why my wedding such a riot. My Maid of Honor along with my brother kept the dance floor hopping.  She is a great person and makes my stomach hurt from laughter every time I am with her. We just have one of those kind of relationships. I just wanted to put a virtual thank you to her for making me laugh all the time, for helping me out, my 3 am Wal-mart run on my wedding day, and helping make sure the music I walked down the aisle to was perfect. Thank you!

Cake! and some advice

I figured I would take the time to talk about some of my wedding details. Things that brides stress over and fret over and lastly get a million opinions on.  For me one of those things were our cake.  I loved our wedding cake I could have eaten a whole layer. It was a delcious, chocolate cake with chocolate chips, chocolate ganache and fresh strawberries covered in buttercream.  Now you may read this and say UGH what a chocolate wedding cake or you may drool. (I hope you drool it was really that good.) Back to topic and not dreaming of cake.   I was told all over the place that a chocolate wedding cake wasn't proper, that it had to be a white cake.  Stop the presses, ?. (Who came up with that?) I can name 10 people who blatently told me I had  to have a white cake. Well ,we didn't we got our favorite. We loved it. It was just what we wanted and I think our guests liked it too.  My advice to all of you on the fence brides. Get a cake that makes you want to drool, that you truly love.  It will make that first bite together as a couple even sweeter. :)
PS thanks Mom for the flutes. We will always toast to our good moments with them. :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Weddings & Birthdays Oh My

So my wedding... gasp 20 days ago was also my Big brother's 30th birthday. He graciously let me have it. (Thank you Andy!) I didn't want him to think his birthday was forgotten though so I conspired with Cakes by Mere, to have a Cartman cake made for him and given to him at our rehearsal dinner. He loves Southpark and Cartman so this cake was perfect for him. It really suprised him and made his night that he got a Birthday cake.
I love my big brother and makeing sure he wasn't forgotten on my wedding was a big deal for me. After all you only turn 30 and get married once right. :)

Side note: The cake was delicious and he loved it. Chocolate and yellow cake with buttercream. Everyone was happy.

Thanks again Meredith, from Cakes by Mere. You made his night. :)

I can believe I missed it...

2 posts ago was my 100th post. It took me a little over a year to hit the 100 mark. I thought I would be on the ball and catch it but I didn't. So here's to Happy 103!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

a new name.

A new name.. sort of. I love my old name, but also want to take my new husbands. We've made an agreement professionally I'm my old name, everywhere else I'm his name. Let me just say it's weird changing your name. I have had 25 years to fine tune my maiden name now I have to learn a whole knew thing. It's going to take time.
This morning I went to the DMV to get things going and forgot that I had to sign my new name for the license. Well went that time came. OOOPs can I do that again. I had signed my old name. It's going to take time. On a good note. I have a new picture and it's a good one.
Next up everything else that has my name on it. This is going to be an involved process.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Paul McCartney!!!!

I am a massive Beatles fan. I grew up with them. I own all their albums on vinyl, not to mention countless original Beatle magazines, money, pins, newspapers. I am also a huge Paul McCartney fan. As soon as I found out he was coming to Atlanta I had to go. I mean there really is only 1 good Beatle left. (Especially after Ringo's comment about no more signatures.)
So Saturday afternoon my new husband, and my parents made the pilgrimage to Piedmont Park to see the show. We arrived at the park at 1:30, doors to the park opened at 4, and the concert began at 7 pm with Paul on at 9pm. Time really did go by pretty fast. We were all excited to see him. Finally we made it into the park. Staked our claim with our blankets. We got pretty close to the stage. It was awesome. It was hot as 6 shades of hell but OMG a BEATLE!
Finally the show started. The opening band was the Irish band the Script. I think I was one of a few people that could actually sing along. (thanks BBC radio 1) They are a pretty cool band.

Then at 8:40 twenty minutes early PAUL MCCARTNEY!!! He was amazing. he played for almost 3 hours. I was hoarse from singing and screaming. It was the best concert I've ever seen. About 30 minutes into his set it started to rain. It felt amazing after being in the heat all day. No one moved though Everyone was so pumped to be there. I have never seen so many Beatle and Paul shirts ever. He put on an amazing performance. It was amazing to see him. It was cool to hear him live. Yesterday marked the 40th anniversary of Woodstock and he honored Jimi Hendrix by playing Foxy Lady, it was also the 45th anniversary to the Beatles playing at Shea Stadium and he honored that too. It was phenomenal. I am so glad to have gotten to see him live I never thought I would. The video clip above is from my camera.


My wedding is over.. and now it's time to relive the day with pictures! My amazing photographer blogged about us! Shannon Wright from Photography by Shannon posted the above picture on her blog. Her pictures have succeeded to make my cheeks hurt from smiling all over again. She is so talented and it was such a great day to have her tailing me and her partner Steve shooting Eric. Then when we finally got together the pictures are all amazing. If you want to see the actual blog post click here.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Sigh.. back to reality

The past two weeks have seemed to be a combination of dream and a hectic reality. I am finally a wife. It's still weird to realize that I have a new title, a new name, and a ton of pictures to sort through. Our wedding was amazing. It was everything I hoped it would be and more. The ceremony was beautiful. My new husband.. (eek :) ) got all choked up giving his vows. It was really sweet, I thought I would be the crier. The chapel looked amazing. The flowers were perfect. I had heard so many stories on how the flowers weren't right. Mine were amazing. I only wish I got to keep them forever. The reception was a blast. The DJ kept the dance floor filled, the food was awesome, the bar was hopping, and the photobooth was a hit. The night was awesome. I can't wait to see the pro pictures. All my DIY details came out cool. will recap posts as I get images. I don't really have that many now.

Right after the wedding we flew to Barcelona enjoyed the city and the sea. It was beautiful and relaxing. It also made me addicted to cafe con leche. Luckily one of our wedding gifts was a cute stove top cappuccino maker. I have already tested it out. It's awesome.

Now it is back to reality on Monday and hopefully some more pictures on facebook and my flickr site will recapture our wonderful wedding before I get the pro pictures. :)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

My last single lady post.

Tomorrow is the rehearsal dinner. The next day is our WEDDING. I can not believe it's finally here. I am anxious with butterflies, like it's the first day of school. I was the kind of girl that got butterflies at the beginning of every school year even in college. I can't wait to see how all the plans have turned out. All my craftiness, plotting and planning. So this is my last post before I swap my "iss" for a "mrs."

Next up Barcelona!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just one more reason..

Why August is going to be an amazing month, My wedding, my brother's 30th birthday, Barcelona, and the return of Madmen. I love this show. I'm addicted. There are few shows that I will run home to watch, and this is one of them. I am so excited for the premiere of the third season on August 16th. I was on AMC's website to day and found a way to "madmen yourself" and created the fun version of me above. If you haven't caught the show you can rent them all at Blockbuster, just know you better rent a few discs because you'll want to know what happens next.


Good luck Eric!!! I know you will do an amazing job. Besides getting married at the end of summer my Fiance has had to give over every spare moment to studying for the Bar exam. It starts today and lasts until tomorrow afternoon. He has been working his tail off learning everything and making sure he knows his law. I am so proud of him and I know he will do amazing! Good luck!

P.s I can't wait to have him back! He's been MIA all summer.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Wedding wardrobe

I am not traditional, I'm not walking down the aisle to traditional music, So ages ago before I knew it was trendy, alas, I decided I would wear pink shoes. The shoes and Eric's tie are what actually determined our wedding colors. I am so excited that my shoes and his tie are both things that can be worn again and every time we wear them I know we'll think of our wedding day. It would also be weird for me to wear white shoes, I wear unusual shoes almost daily so it wouldn't be me if I didn't wear something colorful on my feet.

My wonderful Mom also bought me a pair of hot pink flip flops that look very similar to my shoes for when my feet start to hurt. Thanks Mom for looking out for me. :D

Wedding dress

I haven't talked about it probably from fear I'd post an image of it and Eric would find it. But I felt the need to talk about it. So my wedding dress, is back from the alterations lady. It is so amazing to have it back, and that it fits. It is currently staying at my parents house. It can't be placed in the closet in a black garment bag in my apartment anymore, to be secretly looked at and tried on when Eric wasn't home, because it will wrinkle. My dress is 100% silk and will wrinkle if its folded up so it's hanging in my parents home. I went home yesterday to try it on one last time to make sure everything was in order. It is beautiful, light and airy and perfect. I just hope Eric thinks so. It has been so hard to not show him. I share everything with him, I can't hold water around him. So his face when he first see's me is really really important. I can't wait. Only 5 more days until he sees me in it.

Wedding Week!

I get married on Saturday. It sounds so surreal to say. I have been engaged now for over 3 years. (We've been together for almost 6) He's an amazing, brilliant guy and I am so lucky and honored that he asked me to spend the rest of his life with me and loves me. Now it's finally time to make that final walk and say our "I dos." I am so excited I can hardly breathe.

This weekend I have been plenty busy doing final last minute errands. I bought Eric a new belt, and new shoes for our wedding day. They are nice shoes too. He said he'll need a fancy shoe rack now to hold them. I better be careful I don't turn him into a shoe junkie, one shoe horse in our little family is enough. :)

Eep last minute details are crazy.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

10..10... days until our wedding. ah ah ah

Where has time gone. I'm not quite sure but it's almost down to single digits! I can't believe it. I am have so excited I can't breath and half so concerned I won't figure out all the details in time. I still have a few major things left to solve. What in the world am I walking down the aisle too. I'm not big on the traditional stuff. I need something beautiful, slightly short and conveys the right emotion. I have a few ideas. I've shared them with Eric. He likes a few. Hates a few. Not that he hates them he just says that would be good elsewhere. I have to admit I agree. I just had to share what I found. My goal is by Friday knowing what the songs we are going to play so Saturday I can print our programs and begin assembly. Here's hoping we decide on something.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Virtual Friends and the Knot

Wedding planning takes a lot of time and being the bride it is always on my mind. All these major and minor details have to be figured out before I can actually walk down the aisle to my groom. After a while your real life friends and family are tired of hearing about the over analyzing craziness that is planning a wedding. Which font? which ribbon? I don't blame them at all. That's where the Knot.com comes in. On the local boards and especially the month board I have had an outlet to talk, learn of new ideas with brides that are in the same planning stages as me. It has been a lot of fun. last month our board moderator suggested a Knottie swap. where all the girls switch addresses and we mail each other a gift. Well today mine came. The amazing knottie Dork1014 sent me the gift pictured above. Yum, cookies, brittle and my total favorite new obsession a bottle of "tru blood" it's really Sangria. It's been fun planning my wedding along side my "virtual" friends. We all know so much about each others weddings, trials, vents and all around craziness. I can't wait to see everyone's pictures in September. :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My future-in-laws

This is my future in-law's on their wedding day. Eric's parents got married in Spain. Quite romantic if I do say so myself. I think this is an amazing picture and I am so happy that Eric's Dad shared it with me last night. Eric's parents are pretty cool... making me one very lucky future daughter in law. :) I know from reading other blogs and boards that that isn't always the case. I really can't wait to be apart of their family too. I've been around for 6 years but in a few weeks it will really be official. :D

No more veil

So after I received my veil in the mail. I've decided it isn't for me. It may look amazing on someone else, but it isn't my style. I just couldn't get over the feeling of it's poofiness or that it didn't really look like me. So I've moved on, went to the craft store. Bought some stuff and came up with another option. Something that looks similar to the picture above. But done in my own style. I like it and will take it with me to my hair trial on Wednesday. So hopefully it will all work out. I'll feel fabulous, and have a little bling in my hair.

Monday, July 13, 2009



Wowza, this weekend was my last night out with the girls. Two of my all time favorite people and closest friends not to forget the fact that they are my Maid of Honor and Bridesmaid planned a crazy slightly secret (I had to know the date,time and place) party for me. They planned the party in Athens a city that is near and dear to my heart. They rented a awesome hotel suite downtown, decorated it to the ceiling with pink and blue and filled it with my favorite snacks, and beverages. In three words.. IT WAS AWESOME. I was completely surprised by all the effort it was so much.
After we got situated in the hotel, ate a few snacks opened some terrific gifts from my girls. Thank you so much for stocking my house with good wine and liquor. A few more snacks and drinks were drank,we freshened up a bit and they got me to go on a scavenger hunt for places that have meaning for Eric or myself when we we lived in Athens. I also got to show of my fantastic sparkly veil/tiara, it lite up with pink,white and blue tulle. Very festive. I have never gotten so much attention. I did not know that you got honked at or cheered for when one goes out in such a get up. :)
Once the places were found it was time for dinner, drinks and dancing. As well as a great drinking golf game. It was an amazing unforgettable fun night. I can not thank my friends enough for it. I love you girls so much thanks for making sure my last "girls night out" was marvelous.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom!
You are amazing. You inspire me daily. I look up to you, and I wouldn't be where I am today without you. I hope you have an amazing day. Love.. your peanut head.
*yes that is me as a baby with my mom.

Monday, July 6, 2009

My week's mantra


I have tons of things to make this week and start designing.The biggest on the list is my wedding programs. We are still fine tuning our ceremony so there is only so much that can be done but I really need to start it. I also have a seating poster as well as a few other items. I'm 3 and 1/2 weeks away and I need to cut this DIY list down by half. I already have a rough idea of wedding program I am going to make. I just need to set it up in illustrator and get it ready to be filled with information and make a test run to see how it looks. We also have to figure out the details on that. For instance what am I walking down the aisle too? I need to put down my Sookie Stackhouse books and get back to work. No more procrastination.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's July

Wow, time has flown and I can finally say "I am getting married in a month." It is a really exciting thing to say. Now I just have to finalize a lot more things, and hope to find lots of pink rsvp envelopes in my mail box. I will NEVER not respond to an rsvp ever again. It is really nerve wracking trying to figure out who will actually attend this shin dig and who won't.

As things go though this month is going to be a very busy one. Tomorrow starts a wonderful 3-day weekend. Horray for the 4th of July. The next weekend is my Bachelorette party and the following one is my Bridal shower. I am really excited about all of it.

So for this weekend I'm going home to my parents to lounge by the pool and drink pool drinks with my folks. I haven't been swimming all year. (For a girl that grew up by a pool or a lake this is a serious deprivation.) I think I will also work on our wedding programs and try to figure out what I am going to walk down the aisle to.

Happy one month left to Eric and I, and to a very busy and excting month ahead.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Hair Trials.

unknown sources

As this last month of crunch time sets in I have a few very important things to finalize, this Saturday I hope to finalize my hair. My lovely Maid of Honor has offered up her skills to see what can happen with my hair. I originally wanted something like the last picture. I realized though in August those pretty curls are going to fall and frizz and make me look like the troll doll my brother said I was when I was a kid. Which is the last thing I want to look like on my wedding day. So I've rethought about it and decided I want my hair up. but how. Do I want it more to one side? All in the back? Do I want a flower, a rhinestone comb. Do I want it more loose and soft, more controlled or a mix of the two. The options are endless. I also have my veil to consider. Which I haven't gotten yet. I hope that puppy arrives soon. I am anxious to see it. Hopefully this weekend will settle this hair situation for me.

Monday, June 22, 2009


So there are very few moments in life where I am speechless. I can usually come up with something in any situation I am in. Saturday was one of the few exceptions. For the past three months I have been thinking that I was going to my future-in-law's for a surprise Father's Day get together. My Future-Mom-in law said that it isn't often that all her kids get together and it would be nice to. Sure that sounds great. I'll be there, no problem. Fast forward to Saturday. A few hitches in the plan, venue change, I made cake bites, got a cool Dad's day gift. I'm ready to go celebrate.

We arrive at our destination and Surprise! it's not anything for Father's day. It's a surprise wedding shower, for Eric and I. I was so speechless. I couldn't believe it. Eric had been let in on the plan, but I had no clue. I am still in aww that everyone kept such a secret from me and that Eric's Mom threw us a shower, but wait it get's even cooler.

So 97% of Eric's extended family is from the midwest and couldn't be there so they set up a web camera hooked it up to the TV and over Skype they were at the shower too! On their side they had sugar cookie wedding cakes, and decorations too! It was amazing. Oh and I can't forget that my parents were there too. Who I had recently spoke to about some other wedding details. They were already waiting on us to arrive.

I am still in shock and so thankful for everything. I also think that I am marrying into the best family. :D

Thank you so much to my soon to be Parent's-in-law for planning such a wonderful event and for everyone that showed up via web and in real life. Thank you, Thank you Thank you!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Dad's Day!

This is an image I found of a bride getting ready to walk down the aisle at my Chapel. Dad, I love you and I can't wait for us to make this same walk. You're the best! Happy Father's Day.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Wedding Day for friends

It seems like in your mid-twenties everyone you know is getting married, We all seem to share in this collective excitement for each other and cheer and celebrate with our friends when they all tie the knot. This year I have had the lovely opportunity to share in two of my friends wedding day celebrations. Yesterday my good friend, and fellow Bridesmaid got married. Their wedding was held at a beautiful historic home in Roswell Georgia.

The day had a slight chance of rain but no drops fell to dampen the day. It turned out to be great weather. I had such a great time at their wedding. They both looked so happy, beautiful and excited to be together. Most of their relationship has been spent traveling long distance to see each other. They looked so happy to be together in person and relished the moment together and fully enjoying all the family and friends that joined in on their day. It was wonderful to be apart of their wedding day. I'll post more pictures later. I just snuck this quick one that Eric took of the gorgeous bride. I hope I can have half the calm composure, joy, poise she had on her wedding day. Once again Congratulations you two!



I am speechless.... We are going to Barcelona, Spain for our honeymoon! I can not wait. It is going to be so amazing. Eric booked it this weekend so it's official that we are going. We leave two days after our wedding and are gone for 9 days! Amazing architecture and the beach here we come! Has anyone been to Barcelona before? Anything that is a must see/do?

Friday, June 12, 2009


If you have stumbled across my blog, then you probably realize that I have a slight obsession with paper. I love fine quality paper, paper weight, texture, color. If it's metallic, linen finished or embossed. I truly love letterpress. Sigh. So a few months back when my lovely bridesmaid asked If I could design the paper goods for her wedding. I was thigh deep in designing my own and said hell yeah I'll do yours. I quickly came up with what I thought was 4 good ideas. I brought them over to her and let her pick one. She loved the one pictured above and, from there I designed the rest of her invitation ensemble. Since many of her guests are from out of town she wanted to make sure they had all the information they needed. So besides the RSVP card I included a map of the area, things to do while in town, and she wanted to include some history of the beautiful antebellum house they are getting married in. I was very happy to be of service. I think the end product came out really well. It seemed to be well received. I have to say I enjoyed seeing the blue and white envelope in my own mail box.

I thought I would share her invitations since this weekend is her wedding weekend and I am so very happy for her and her groom. I wish them all the happiness in the world and I can't wait to celebrate with them on one of the happiest days of their life.

I will also share the her ceremony programs that I made for her. I drew a sketch of the garden where she will be getting married for the cover in pen and ink. To match with the antique etching that came with the invitation.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A shoulder


Sometimes in wedding planning you just need a hug. When you first set a date you have a whirlwind of excitement and trust me I am still excited. I am just a little daunted by how long my to do list is. Luckily though I have a shoulder to lean on, and in my case a few shoulders and a lot of ears. I just want to say thanks to Eric, my Mom, and my bridesmaids's for listening to me talk about all the ideas and helping through the crazy printing fiasco that happened. We are under the two month mark and still have lots to do but I just wanted to say Thanks for being there for being a shoulder and in most case's an ear. For listening to my crazy ideas and cheering me on when they work.

And thanks to my fellow bride and bridesmaid who is getting married this weekend! Together we make the ultimate planning duo. You're wedding is going to be a blast, I can't wait.

Dress Happiness

So my bride's maids dresses are in. I have given all but one to their respective owners. I hope to see my Maid of Honor soon to give her her dress. Mine are not the ones pictured above, but my girls will be wearing blue and carrying pink flowers. I just loved this picture and wanted to use it for a post. I can't wait to see them all together. I love the blue and pink together.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Holy Wedding Planning Batman! I am under the two month mark. Where has time gone. I feel like I have a mile long list of things and have gotten nowhere on it. Maybe because I haven't written things down. I am bound and determined today to sit down and make a detailed list of things I need to track down and do. I am excited yet nervous to get everything done. It's also time to buckle down figure out our ceremony, figure out the music for the ceremony and eep start thinking about vows. Eric said he wants us to write our own. I have to start early. I am a terrible writer. I also know I'm going to be a blubbery happy mess. I get teary eyed whenever I am really happy. Stock in Waterproof mascara here I come. ::insert breathing into a paper bag:: I have a lot of work to do.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Horray decisions being made.

This past Saturday was amazing. For one thing finally the rain has gone away and it was beautiful and sunny. For a second thing we were going to Athens to pick out selections at our caterer, for food, linens etc... I talked about it here. Well we did all of that list. I'm keeping our choices quiet since some of my family reads my blog. Somethings need to be a surprise. Lets just leave it at we left and went and got food because it made us hungry it sounded so good.

We also picked out our cake flavors. This information I will divulge. We are going the non traditional route. We are only having one Wedding cake (no grooms cake) and it's going to be CHOCOLATE! Yum. Chocolate with chocolate chips, with chocolate ganache and fresh sliced strawberries in the center covered in white buttercream icing. I am drooling. Eric who I have converted in to a cake eater really wanted chocolate. I as a cake-aholic couldn't resist. I am really excited about it. Oh and the design for it is going to be awesome. I can't wait to see it.

In other wedding related checks. We booked our rehersal dinner location. I am really excited about it. It's the restaurant that Eric took me to the night he proposed The Last Resort. It is one of the best restaurants in Athens. I am looking forward to sharing that restaurant with our bridal party and parents.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Red Wing Love


I love hockey and I really love the Detroit Red Wings! They hold a special place in my heart and tonight is the first game of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. They are playing against the Pittsburgh Penguins. I grew up watching Wings games with my Dad. It has been one of the things we've done together and something that I look forward to doing every year. I was born in Michigan and a lot of my family still lives there. I just had to put a little hockey love on my blog. I hope they win again this year. Goooo WINGS! (I'm off to go watch the game. :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009


I am not sure where I pulled this picture from. I've had it since I first started planning my wedding 'gasp' over a year ago. But I love how it looks. It is what I hope my tables look like at my own wedding. Except a little brighter on the pinks. Eric and I will be using the same chairs as well. The table linens will be a little brighter with white and a blue runner running across. I think it will ad just enough color. This chairs and table linens are what I am going to Athens for this Saturday. Now to begin thinking of table numbers designs. I had an idea but then changed it. Back to the drawing board, or in my case adobe illustrator.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yum Food


This weekend is going to be filled with wedding related things. One of the things on my checklist to do is one that I have been waiting for and am really excited about. Food! (and the bar, along with the dance floor, chairs and linens) I am really excited. Eric and I will be making the drive to Athens to meet with our the catering company this Saturday. We are going to be make all the food selections for our wedding. What kind of appetizers do we want to have. What will be the main course for dinner. What kind of drinks will be available at the bar. We will possible too pick out our cake. I am really excited about that one. I puffy-heart love cake. We've talked about a lot of theses things but need to make some choices on Saturday. Sigh, I am so hungry now.