Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I usually live in Sunny, sometimes cold Atlanta. Where it rarely snows, and the snow rarely lasts more than a day. Not this time. It has snowed a solid 4" Its been crazy. The stores are emptied of all their bread,eggs and milk along with every type of meat and veg.(I'm not sure why Southern folks think those 'staples' will be the best food choices.) Anyway Sunday night is when it started to snow. Eric and I decided to go explore. The first picture is a shot of my street. It looked so pretty snow covered.

Next we headed over to our neighborhood pub to warm up with a beer on their patio. They have a great fire pit. I made an impromptu fridge for my beer :)

and some graffiti on one of the tables that hadn't been hit with the snow as much.  We then kept meandering through the neighborhood laughing and skidding with all the other Atlantans that came out to play.
I  had to make a snow angel on the cleanest and prettiest area of snow.

Silly me I got soaked making it and we still had more walking to do. It was worth it though. I haven't seen this much snow in years. Finally after walking around for a long time we made it home. It seemed like whatever direction we headed the wind changed direction and snow was in our faces. It was a lot of fun to be in such a frozen world. Back in side though with our dripping coats and snow covered hats I took one last shot out of my window and then curled up on the couch. It was the end to a perfect weekend.

weekend fun

This past weekend was quite possibly one of the best ever. Friday night Eric decided to cook something we've been wanting to try for ages. Beef Wellington. We've been watching a lot of Gordan Ramsay shows. I love The F word. and we've been wanting to try cooking some of the things he makes and this seemed to be something he makes often. So Eric gave it a shot. He did a fantastic job. It was delicious.

I'm not sure if Eric will make it again I think I'm going to give my hand roasting a duck next. :)

Saturday was one of those great days that I will always remember. Eric, his brother and I set off early Saturday morning for Vogel State park. His brother and I having just got new cars wanted to test them out on curvy mountain roads. I'll add some a picture of our cars later I only have one image that I took from the top of the mountain once we got there. We left Atlanta and it was cold 41 degrees but by the time we got to Vogel and up the moutain there was snow and ice and we were below freezing. We took it easy and made it home safe.  Driving on roads like that made me love the show Top Gear more it was exhilarating. The best part was Eric's brother, Matt's idea to have walkie-talkies so we could communicate up in the mountains. BEST IDEA EVER.

We did stop at the outlets on our way home  though where I found 3 amazing BCBG dresses all for under 150 dollars. Amazing sale plus a clearance item. Woot Woot. Saturday was brilliant and I can't wait for Spring time to drive back up the mountain with the top down on my Mini.

Sunday was lazy and we were expecting snow later that day. Eric and I walked around the city, tried a new french restaurant for brunch and found new paths to get to places. We ended up lazying it up at home until the snow started to fall. Snowmageddon is next!

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New thoughts,

This post started because  I was cleaning up my blog list. Things I never read. Things I had no idea were there. It really showed how much my life has changed in a year and a half and more. How far and different my life is. It's funny how something so small as my blog can be a time capsule for a long ago life. I started this blog when I was planning my wedding. It's merged to be just a rambling blog of my thoughts and mini and major milestones in my life. I need to blog more.  It's interesting to see where and how my life is changing. It is a virtual diary of my happenings of things coming and going from my life. It's kinda cool.

2010 saw a lot of changes for Eric and I. It was our first solid year being married. Starting with last New Years Eve and that was quite possibly the worst. We had just been robbed and we were very miserable, we didn't like where we were living and were biding our time to move. This new years saw us in a completely different state. It was one of the best New Years I've had in a long time. We went out with some good friends as well My Brother-in-law and his Girlfriend.  We brought in the New Year at our favorite pub. It was a great way to send off the year surrounded by good people in our fantastic new city.

Hopefully 2011 will keep on being great.