Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dancin' Music

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Music is so important to a great party. It sets the tone for the event and lets everyone know what to expect and if the music is a flop. You can probably bet that the party was too. I have just started my search for what type of Music to have at our wedding. Band or DJ? The pro's and cons to each as well as how much. It all has to be factored in. Especially if I want to get everyone from our grandmothers to our smallest relatives on the dance floor. I know what some basics that I'm looking for in music. They have to be able to play a little of everything. Eric and I's taste in music is all over the place. So it is necessary for us to have classic rock to today's top 40. Oh and throw in a bit of Sinatra during the cocktail hour. You can't have a cocktail hour with out Sinatra. The search has begun and I hope to find someone that can get our guests to rock out at our weddng.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Someday.... Maybe... If I can talk Eric into it.

I'm in love with this adorable dog. It's a French bulldog and I had never seen one until a few days ago. Now I am hoping that one day my life will settle enough that I can have one and well that Eric will let me get one. (He thinks small talks are too girly.) But how could anyone possibly resist such an amazing little animal. He's so-o adorable. I just want to pick it up and hug it. Sigh... someday... maybe...

Click on the image for more info on French Bulldogs.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


View Erika's awesome wedding on her site.
I've been looking for wedding inspiration lately. I found it on a Atlanta knot bio by SassyErika. She had a beautiful wedding with very personal touches held this past summer. One of my favorite ideas from her wedding is the picture above. What an awesome idea to take a picture with all of your guests. I really think It can be done with the way the chapel Eric and I are getting married at is laid out. I think it is a really great idea, I hope we can do it too.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


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So I've purchased my dress. Eric and I think he's found his suit. We also know we want our groomsmen to wear suits. Eric and I both hate bow ties and well a suit is something you can keep and wear again. Now to plot what the girls wear. I know I want them to wear dark blue. I'm not sold on the pink sash's but I like the dark blue with the pink flowers. I also don't want the dresses to cost a small fortune. I really like the top dress from Jcrew but I feel that the dress's from them are limited in the style's they offer. I've got 3 girls to think about and they are all shaped differently, so I don't want them to wear the same thing. I ultimately want everyone in our bridal party to be comfortable and have fun.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Dining By Design

The past few weeks have been very hectic. I've been slammed at work, and home. Finally after a few weeks I've had a second to post about what I've been up to. Every year Atlanta is one of the few cities in the country that hosts a charity event called Dining by Design, for DIFFA (Design Industry foundation fighting Aids). It's an all out affair that brings the best of Atlanta's interior designer's out to design tables that are auctioned off for a dinner event where the proceeds go to DIFFA.
As a bride hunting ideas this event is a great opportunity to see very creative and innovative ideas for tablescapes and flowers. This year marks the 3rd year that my company has done a table for this event. We based our table on Breakfast at Tiffany's and filled our room with Tiffany boxes and white flowers. We also couldn't pass up an opportunity to feature the always classic and elegant Audrey Hepburn. I am an huge fan of Audrey and the film so this was so much fun.
I've also included a few of the other tables that I thought were fantastic. The last table is so much fun and was sponsored by Benjamin Moore paint. The entire space was made of paint chips.
More information on DIFFA and Dining by Design can be found here.