Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A sigh of relief.

I kind of feel like this penguin. Breathing a sigh of relief. Just on a not life threatening level. I am under the 8 month mark until Eric and I get hitched. And so much has to happen before the big day. Last Saturday we took our Engagement pictures with our amazing photographer, Shannon Wright. It was freezing cold that evening but so much fun. We went all over Atlanta to take our pictures. I can not wait to see them. I was pretty nervous about getting our pictures taken. It's usually us on the other side of the camera.

Another sigh will go for Eric, he landed a job at a law firm. Which is super exciting because as you all know the economy sucks and landing a job is a good start in his professional career. (He graduates from Law School in May.) Finally another, sigh goes to Eric getting to wear a suit everyday to work, and that's a happy sigh.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Interesting Timing

So next Summer Eric and I are getting married. It is also my brother's 30th Birthday. He graciously allowed us to share his birthday. :) What is also pretty cool is next year Eric's parents will have known each other for 30 years that month. :) I believe my parents will have known each other for 35. Not to mention it's my grandparent's 55th wedding anniversary (they are pictured above) and Eric's grandparents 60th! I can only hope that Eric and will be fortunate enough to be together for as long as they are.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Everything Paper!

Mind the carpet, I am just super excited. I have finally finalized the design for our Save the dates and invitations After playing around in Illustrator this is what I've got. I know its a sneaky picture. I don't want to spoil the surprise for my family. I'm really excited about how they came out though. Our Save the Date is a postcard that I got printed from Vistaprint
and I love that company. They came out great. I can't wait to send them out. I will send them out in January so they don't get lost in the Christmas shuffle. I am also thrilled with the final result for our invitations. I wanted a different shape, as well as something that could give our guests all the information for what will be a destination wedding for most of our guests. I've included a reply, reception card, accommodations card and a map. The map took me forever. I drafted it all out in AutoCad then put it into Illustrator. That sounds like a lot but I wanted to give an idea on how awesome the town we are getting married in is. EEEP I'm so excited, now I just need to print a ton of them. I'm not posting pictures of everything because I do want it to be a surprise when I finally send them out. :) I just had to crow a little though.