Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Modern Atlanta

This week has been very busy work wise, and home wise. I am excited though because next week is all about Modern Atlanta.  Modern Atlanta is a series of events and parties that showcases the edgier side of the city.  From architecture to fashion it includes everything.
a blurb from the Modern Atlanta ( MA) website.

MA’s aim is to embrace and connect a wide spectrum of practices including architecture and design, retail and trade, industry and academia, the arts, and NPO foundations. MA activities attract innovators, visionaries, independent minds, creative leaders, students, and non-specialist audiences with discussions on how design and innovative products improve everyday lives. MA provides the right conditions and venues for manufacturers and designers to successfully connect with businesses, consumers, and the public alike, by way of elevated local and international design exhibitions that expose all facets of the creative process including innovation and implementation. 

I am really exited to check out some of the events and broaden my vision on all things modern.  I'm also excited because one of the first projects I ever worked on is on the Modern Home tour. It is very exciting. :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Our new Nest finally feels like home.

We've had everything unpacked for a while. All our new things stored in their new home. All the wedding gifts we've never had a chance to use we are using now. We bought a new sofa. That we love, a new TV to replace the one that was stolen from us in December. (We didn't want to buy one since we were afraid we could get robbed again.) We got so many new things our new home, felt more like a fancy hotel.

We had one last thing that we needed to do to that we hoped would make it feel like home. Hang pictures. We did that Sunday.  It feels like home now.  We have always had a lot of art on our walls. I worked in a frame shop in college so I framed a lot of art for us. When you first walk into our loft there is a long wall on that I used to hang about 15 pictures gallery style. It looks similar to that but bigger. Some of our pictures are 40" wide by 30" tall. Lucky we have 10' ceilings. It consists of our travels, our wedding, and our families. It looks good, and I finally feel like I am home.

Allure of the Automobile

I love cars, I've loved them since I was a little girl. I guess I inherited it from my Dad. He likes cars too. Then I married Eric and He also loves cars. I've learned a lot from the two of them.  So this past weekend on our Sunday walk through our new neighborhood we stopped by the museum to check out this new exhibit.  It's FANTASTIC, 18 amazing automobiles. That have such amazing design style. They were gorgeous, Mercedes, a Jag owned by Steve McQueen, a Silver Arrow, Porsche and a Bugatti were some of the amazing cars on display. We had a great time inspecting all of them. We left the museum and on our walk back I couldn't stop looking at cars and seeing all the influence the exhibit cars had on todays cars. I also  immediately thought My Dad has to see these. So this Sunday I'm going back, and We are bringing my parents so they can drool over the cars too.
 Steve McQueen's Jag.

*Side note *I love living in the city. It was so awesome to walk everywhere.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I have a shoe problem. I love shoes. I have loved them since I was very small. As I have gotten older I've slowly acquired an expensive shoe habit. Alas I'm usually in the Beer range of shoes, (unless they are on sale) when I have seriously Champagne taste in shoes.  I'm a lucky girl though. My husband, knows I love shoes and likes to buy them for me periodically. So the sweetheart that he is bought me these babies for a surprise.

I'm still in aw that he did it. They are beautiful and just the perfect black heel. The kind where you will have it forever and can where it with anything.  He made me promise that I will wear them often that is the reason he purchased them.  Thank you so much Eric! You are so very thoughtful.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Eric and I are still adjusting to our new loft. We've also had to find places for many of the wedding gifts we received but hadn't been able to use in our new place.  That's where our Ikea shopping trip came in. We wandered through last weekend for stuff and ended up picking up these two cabinets. They fill up a space along our wall perfectly. The wall has a 63" jog in it then it straightens out the cabinets just fit with room for the drapery to slide next to when opened.  I think they look pretty great and didn't cost us a whole lot.
 I am also excited about the doors, They can be black or white or in my case the will probably be a cool fabric or paper. I'm still coordinating things.

We still have lots of pictures to hang (See them propped against the wall.) It's all coming together though and it is starting to feel like home.

Big news Weekend!

This weekend will probably go down as one of Eric and I's most thankful and exciting.  Eric found out some news he'd been waiting almost a year on. He was so happy I think he's been walking on air for the past few days. It was also his birthday! We had some friends over, and I made some awesome BBQ pork sandwiches.  Hooray for my first time cooking BBQ and it coming out fantastic. (Thanks mom for the advice.)
We also have almost finished putting up everything in our new loft. We only have pictures left to hang.

Happy Birthday Honey! and Congratulations.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Country Mouse.. to City Mouse

We've moved! Hip hip, after packing for days, purging tons of stuff we didn't need anymore. Eric and I  are finally sort of settled in our new loft. We are still living in boxes though so I don't have any new pictures. I promise I'll share as soon as everything is squared away. :) It's so exciting to live in the city now, to get up on a Sunday morning and walk to the bakery for something good for breakfast. I promise I will walk up the 5 flights to my new place so the every-now-and-again bakery indulgence doesn't make me the size of a killer whale. I have so much to still figure out though. Paint colors. I still need a few more organizational things to make life a little easier. Our loft is about 875 spacious square feet so it takes some skill to keep it open looking. I'm up for the challenge though.Cheers to a new beginning!