Thursday, July 30, 2009

My last single lady post.

Tomorrow is the rehearsal dinner. The next day is our WEDDING. I can not believe it's finally here. I am anxious with butterflies, like it's the first day of school. I was the kind of girl that got butterflies at the beginning of every school year even in college. I can't wait to see how all the plans have turned out. All my craftiness, plotting and planning. So this is my last post before I swap my "iss" for a "mrs."

Next up Barcelona!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just one more reason..

Why August is going to be an amazing month, My wedding, my brother's 30th birthday, Barcelona, and the return of Madmen. I love this show. I'm addicted. There are few shows that I will run home to watch, and this is one of them. I am so excited for the premiere of the third season on August 16th. I was on AMC's website to day and found a way to "madmen yourself" and created the fun version of me above. If you haven't caught the show you can rent them all at Blockbuster, just know you better rent a few discs because you'll want to know what happens next.


Good luck Eric!!! I know you will do an amazing job. Besides getting married at the end of summer my Fiance has had to give over every spare moment to studying for the Bar exam. It starts today and lasts until tomorrow afternoon. He has been working his tail off learning everything and making sure he knows his law. I am so proud of him and I know he will do amazing! Good luck!

P.s I can't wait to have him back! He's been MIA all summer.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Wedding wardrobe

I am not traditional, I'm not walking down the aisle to traditional music, So ages ago before I knew it was trendy, alas, I decided I would wear pink shoes. The shoes and Eric's tie are what actually determined our wedding colors. I am so excited that my shoes and his tie are both things that can be worn again and every time we wear them I know we'll think of our wedding day. It would also be weird for me to wear white shoes, I wear unusual shoes almost daily so it wouldn't be me if I didn't wear something colorful on my feet.

My wonderful Mom also bought me a pair of hot pink flip flops that look very similar to my shoes for when my feet start to hurt. Thanks Mom for looking out for me. :D

Wedding dress

I haven't talked about it probably from fear I'd post an image of it and Eric would find it. But I felt the need to talk about it. So my wedding dress, is back from the alterations lady. It is so amazing to have it back, and that it fits. It is currently staying at my parents house. It can't be placed in the closet in a black garment bag in my apartment anymore, to be secretly looked at and tried on when Eric wasn't home, because it will wrinkle. My dress is 100% silk and will wrinkle if its folded up so it's hanging in my parents home. I went home yesterday to try it on one last time to make sure everything was in order. It is beautiful, light and airy and perfect. I just hope Eric thinks so. It has been so hard to not show him. I share everything with him, I can't hold water around him. So his face when he first see's me is really really important. I can't wait. Only 5 more days until he sees me in it.

Wedding Week!

I get married on Saturday. It sounds so surreal to say. I have been engaged now for over 3 years. (We've been together for almost 6) He's an amazing, brilliant guy and I am so lucky and honored that he asked me to spend the rest of his life with me and loves me. Now it's finally time to make that final walk and say our "I dos." I am so excited I can hardly breathe.

This weekend I have been plenty busy doing final last minute errands. I bought Eric a new belt, and new shoes for our wedding day. They are nice shoes too. He said he'll need a fancy shoe rack now to hold them. I better be careful I don't turn him into a shoe junkie, one shoe horse in our little family is enough. :)

Eep last minute details are crazy.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

10..10... days until our wedding. ah ah ah

Where has time gone. I'm not quite sure but it's almost down to single digits! I can't believe it. I am have so excited I can't breath and half so concerned I won't figure out all the details in time. I still have a few major things left to solve. What in the world am I walking down the aisle too. I'm not big on the traditional stuff. I need something beautiful, slightly short and conveys the right emotion. I have a few ideas. I've shared them with Eric. He likes a few. Hates a few. Not that he hates them he just says that would be good elsewhere. I have to admit I agree. I just had to share what I found. My goal is by Friday knowing what the songs we are going to play so Saturday I can print our programs and begin assembly. Here's hoping we decide on something.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Virtual Friends and the Knot

Wedding planning takes a lot of time and being the bride it is always on my mind. All these major and minor details have to be figured out before I can actually walk down the aisle to my groom. After a while your real life friends and family are tired of hearing about the over analyzing craziness that is planning a wedding. Which font? which ribbon? I don't blame them at all. That's where the comes in. On the local boards and especially the month board I have had an outlet to talk, learn of new ideas with brides that are in the same planning stages as me. It has been a lot of fun. last month our board moderator suggested a Knottie swap. where all the girls switch addresses and we mail each other a gift. Well today mine came. The amazing knottie Dork1014 sent me the gift pictured above. Yum, cookies, brittle and my total favorite new obsession a bottle of "tru blood" it's really Sangria. It's been fun planning my wedding along side my "virtual" friends. We all know so much about each others weddings, trials, vents and all around craziness. I can't wait to see everyone's pictures in September. :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My future-in-laws

This is my future in-law's on their wedding day. Eric's parents got married in Spain. Quite romantic if I do say so myself. I think this is an amazing picture and I am so happy that Eric's Dad shared it with me last night. Eric's parents are pretty cool... making me one very lucky future daughter in law. :) I know from reading other blogs and boards that that isn't always the case. I really can't wait to be apart of their family too. I've been around for 6 years but in a few weeks it will really be official. :D

No more veil

So after I received my veil in the mail. I've decided it isn't for me. It may look amazing on someone else, but it isn't my style. I just couldn't get over the feeling of it's poofiness or that it didn't really look like me. So I've moved on, went to the craft store. Bought some stuff and came up with another option. Something that looks similar to the picture above. But done in my own style. I like it and will take it with me to my hair trial on Wednesday. So hopefully it will all work out. I'll feel fabulous, and have a little bling in my hair.

Monday, July 13, 2009



Wowza, this weekend was my last night out with the girls. Two of my all time favorite people and closest friends not to forget the fact that they are my Maid of Honor and Bridesmaid planned a crazy slightly secret (I had to know the date,time and place) party for me. They planned the party in Athens a city that is near and dear to my heart. They rented a awesome hotel suite downtown, decorated it to the ceiling with pink and blue and filled it with my favorite snacks, and beverages. In three words.. IT WAS AWESOME. I was completely surprised by all the effort it was so much.
After we got situated in the hotel, ate a few snacks opened some terrific gifts from my girls. Thank you so much for stocking my house with good wine and liquor. A few more snacks and drinks were drank,we freshened up a bit and they got me to go on a scavenger hunt for places that have meaning for Eric or myself when we we lived in Athens. I also got to show of my fantastic sparkly veil/tiara, it lite up with pink,white and blue tulle. Very festive. I have never gotten so much attention. I did not know that you got honked at or cheered for when one goes out in such a get up. :)
Once the places were found it was time for dinner, drinks and dancing. As well as a great drinking golf game. It was an amazing unforgettable fun night. I can not thank my friends enough for it. I love you girls so much thanks for making sure my last "girls night out" was marvelous.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom!
You are amazing. You inspire me daily. I look up to you, and I wouldn't be where I am today without you. I hope you have an amazing day. Love.. your peanut head.
*yes that is me as a baby with my mom.

Monday, July 6, 2009

My week's mantra


I have tons of things to make this week and start designing.The biggest on the list is my wedding programs. We are still fine tuning our ceremony so there is only so much that can be done but I really need to start it. I also have a seating poster as well as a few other items. I'm 3 and 1/2 weeks away and I need to cut this DIY list down by half. I already have a rough idea of wedding program I am going to make. I just need to set it up in illustrator and get it ready to be filled with information and make a test run to see how it looks. We also have to figure out the details on that. For instance what am I walking down the aisle too? I need to put down my Sookie Stackhouse books and get back to work. No more procrastination.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's July

Wow, time has flown and I can finally say "I am getting married in a month." It is a really exciting thing to say. Now I just have to finalize a lot more things, and hope to find lots of pink rsvp envelopes in my mail box. I will NEVER not respond to an rsvp ever again. It is really nerve wracking trying to figure out who will actually attend this shin dig and who won't.

As things go though this month is going to be a very busy one. Tomorrow starts a wonderful 3-day weekend. Horray for the 4th of July. The next weekend is my Bachelorette party and the following one is my Bridal shower. I am really excited about all of it.

So for this weekend I'm going home to my parents to lounge by the pool and drink pool drinks with my folks. I haven't been swimming all year. (For a girl that grew up by a pool or a lake this is a serious deprivation.) I think I will also work on our wedding programs and try to figure out what I am going to walk down the aisle to.

Happy one month left to Eric and I, and to a very busy and excting month ahead.