Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dining in style?

from Flickr

I have been anxious for new dining room chairs for a while.  I didn't know if I really had it in my budget to splurge on some right now. A new sofa was more what I was wanting and that is a big purchase. So I held out. Until Saturday when we found the steal on our new sofa. (see previous post). So I felt it was the opportunity to finally get some new chairs. I want to breathe life into my antique table with some modern chairs. What chairs? I really wanted a Ghost chair. Though I see them all over, maybe something else entirely. Maybe the pantone chairs pictured below. Something clean and simple. 

I finally realized I what I wanted. I wanted a clear chair so my gorgeous antique table can be seen and also something that in our new loft won't make the place look visually cluttered. That's where I settled on Kartell's Frilly chair. Pictured above in pink.

From here

I found them in clear and ordered four of them for our new home to go around our antique table. Sigh happiness.  I do love the chair in pink, it photographs so well.  Clear, though, was the winner it will match with any color I decide.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Ah new furniture.

 from west elm

I have been dreaming of new furniture for... ever. My line of work makes it hard not to think of furniture. I've been waiting as patiently as possible to get new stuff. It had never seemed the exact right time to get something new. But as of this weekend it was time! We're moving in 4 days. So Saturday we went  sofa shopping, yes I could get one through my sources and it would be a fantastic deal, but I guess I wanted to see it squish it and most of all take it home asap.  Which is what brought Eric and I to the Pottery Barn outlet. We figured why not. Who knows what we'll find. If anything. I was hopeful, but not too hopeful.

We struck awesomeness though! We found a West Elm, scotch guarded sofa regularly... $1,200 dollars.. for gasp.. $400.00 it's in perfect shape too. It looks like the above sectional but just the back piece not the chaise. :) I am so ridiculously happy I can hardly contain myself. Our old college sofa is soon to be replaced with something beautiful*.

*(side note not that it was so terrible but this new chapter in our life needs new things)

Oh happy day.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Festival Fun

by Conni Tögel from

This weekend was jam packed full of appointments and spending time with friends and family. (As well as doing some prep work for our move.) Anyway one of the fun things that Eric and I did this weekend was go to the Dogwood festival with our friend Jill. It's an annual art festival held in the biggest park in the city.  It was a lot of fun walking around looking at all the artwork and people watching. :) 

Eric and I ended up buying two new pieces of art. One is a mini print of the picture above. We thought the sheep were hilarious. The names are very clever too, this one is entitled Baaa Vinci.  We all had a good laugh looking at her work.  We also bought a metal sculpture of a toad. We already have a recycled metal sculpture of a fish and a crab. It will be exciting to have new artwork in our new place. We bought the fish when we first got together, and the crab was a law school gift. :) 
Sunday we had brunch with my in-laws. Which was wonderful and we did a Trash the Dress session with our wedding photographer at an old factory. I can not wait to see them. It was so interesting being in an old factory and seeing all the things left behind, I'll post more on that later when we get the pictures back. 

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Life is awesome lately.

Things are finally all coming together for a lot of people I care about. Eric and I are moving to the city. We will finally be back living in an area where things are happening. Currently we live in a very small community where the biggest thing that's happening is the traffic light in front of Wal-mart. We will be closer to our friends, closer to our families. I am so excited.
Today sealed the deal on something I've been hoping for and waiting for. My Brother -in-law, who I am really close to, got into the law school that he wanted! CONGRATULATIONS! Meaning he is also moving to the city! It will be like old times, but better, we lived next to each other during college and it was a lot of fun.
My friend Jill has also had some great changes She's now dating my Brother-in Law, and I have never seen either one of them happier. :) It is really awesome to see people you care about so happy. As happy, I hope, as I am with Eric. She's also trying to get in to Gradschool and is waiting on her YES. I know she'll get in. She's to fantastic not to.
Another friend who has been looking for a job also just found a new one. I am so excited for her. She'll also be working nearby so hooray for lunch dates.

So here's to an awesome Summer! Time to create new memories with great friends and enjoy the living in a big city!

I only have one last thing I'm waiting on..to make this a perfect deal. Here's hoping I find out about that soon. :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A new home!

So this is my new building... I also work in the retail part of it. Rock on! My hour commute is now down to a quick elevator ride and a 10ft walk. How sweet is that.  I'm also excited that it's a loft. A real loft, with exposed brick, huge windows and lots of light, and glazed concrete floors. Sigh, I am so excited. I can't wait to move. I can't wait to nest in a new home. Only 18 more days to go before it's my new digs. Before then I have a lot of packing and purging to do. Sunday Eric and I got rid of a lot of random but usless stuff in our current place. We also got rid of a chaise that I have wanted to get rid of forEVER. It is now gone.  I also, sniff sniff, gave away my drafting table from college. It was time, part of it had broken and I originally bought it for 10 bucks. I have to stop being such a pack rat. Anyway back to the exiting bits. Eric and I are about to move to one of the most interesting and nicest parts of this Southern City. We'll be able to walk to lots of great restaurants,theaters, and parks. I can't wait! Why can't someone else get rid of my junk, pack the good stuff and move me sooner.