Monday, October 5, 2009


Our wedding was called by some of our guests the "danciest wedding they'd ever been to" Which is exactly what I was hoping for. I had so much fun on the dance floor.  I think my guests did too. We danced the whole night away and would have kept dancing if we had been aloud to. Yesterday marked us being married for two months and I've been reliving wedding memories through music. So Shout!, Journey, and the YMCA all typical wedding songs were played plus all sorts of pop music that get's everyone dancing.  It was a magical night and I wish I could relive it. I'll just have to wait for the next wedding we get to attend and hope it's full of dancing too.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Don't take yourself to serious

When you are getting married you try to plan ever detail. You schedule tons of things and try and get the moment just right. Well you can't plan the people factor. Our ceremony was perfect. The music was just what I hoped it would be. I didn't want typical wedding day music and searched high and low for something that fit our location. A 1896 Victorian chapel in the shape of an octagon. It is really cute. I finally settled on combining 3 songs from the score of Pride and Prejudice (the remake). It was perfect. All the girls walked down. I walked down and didn't fall (miracle) my Dad gave me away. Then our ceremony was really emotional. I was grinning like crazy I was so happy. Eric on the other hand was a ball of emotion he was so choked up. (I absolutely thought it would be me crying.) He was so emotional there was not a dry eye in the room. Finally with all the seriousness done. Vows said! (we wrote our own and they were beautiful.) It was time for the big ring exchange.
We wrote our ceremony and had a part about my wedding band and my engagement ring. We had been engaged for 3 years so it seemed important to mention it. Well Eric's Brother, and Best Man goes to hand Eric my ring and oops he dropped it. I cracked up laughing it was so funny. His face was complete horror. Our Reverend, Deanna, laughed too. Eric had the "oh Brother" Charlie Brown face. It was so funny and broke the very emotional and sentimental tension during our ceremony. I wouldn't have traded it for anything. It just goes to show that you can plan everything down to the second but can't control everything.

So if your getting married and something happens, grin and laugh. It may make one of your favorite moments.

proposing and pictures

photos by Shannon Wright
Eric and I took a moment to take some pictures in the Garden that he proposed in.  It was fun to be there in all our wedding finery. Above is Eric and I reenacting where it all happened.  We almost got married in the garden but realized in August we would 1. roast. and 2 get eatin' alive by bugs. Good thing we changed locations.  After our quick photo shoot we headed on to our reception. 

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The details-girls edition

The girls details were a little simpler than the guys, but still important. My shoes were the jumping point in my wardrobe and were the second thing I bought after my dress.  In someways my shoes ranked even higher than my dress.  I really love shoes.  But to continue the Blue/Pink theme my girls wore European Royal Blue dress's by Bill Levkoff and a hot pink sash.  We all carried hot pink flowers. 
I loved my dress. Not only was it a fantastic deal (thanks to running of the brides my new Demetrios dress was only $268.00) it was pure silk so it was light as a feather. It was perfect for a hot August wedding.
Unlike Eric though my dress is tucked away in a closet and he got to wear his wedding suit today to work. Why can't wedding dresses be fashionable after the wedding.  It was all good fun though and I'll break out my dress again and randomly watch television. Or in reality probably just twirl.  Because no matter how old I get I judge a dress on if I can twirl in it.

Friday, October 2, 2009

The details-reception

 I had so much fun planning our wedding. It was really one of my most creative and DIY years.  Since Eric and I had a long time before wedding day. I had time to search and find really great things. I made all of the paper products for our wedding. Our invites, programs, table numbers, water bottle labels, guest book, seatting sign, dancing shoes signs and bathroom baskets.I spent a lot of time with illustrator.  Above are images from our wedding and a few of the details. 
Our cake was reminiscent of our invitations with a scroll and floral pattern, and everything else either had the actual pattern from our invitations or continued with a bird theme.  I absolutely loved all of the flowers that  Nina from Bella Blooms provided. I had met with her one time in person with images of what I was hoping for. She did a phenomenal job. 
I think one of the best parts of our wedding were some of the details. It was also a real compliment when our guests mentioned them to our families.  In fact looking at these pictures makes me want to do it all over again. If I could only roll back the clock.