Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Celebrating our Anniversary

This Sunday will mark Eric and I's one year anniversary. We are celebrating by going on a trip to Washington D.C. Neither Eric or I have ever been. We are so excited, we didn't know DC was in the plans we randomly picked it this past sunday via internet searching. Once we settled on a location it was time to do some research. We started with our favorite snarky chef, Anthony Bourdain. He'd been to DC right. Of course he had. So we watched his episode, drooled over the food and decided we had to check out a Jose Andres restaurant. He's an amazing Spainish chef and we went to Spain for our honeymoon. Perfect.

One awesome place to check out for our food love down. Now a million other places to see and explore. We haven't really been away since our honeymoon so this is going to be a great trip.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Homeward bound

I just purchased my ticket. I'm going home. My childhood home that is. My family has owned a lake house, (cottage) on Saginaw Bay since before I was born. Before my Parents owned it it was my Great Grandmothers. My Aunt and Uncle own a place a few doors down and my Uncle a place next door to ours.  I haven't been back up there in 7 years. Gasp, A place I lived in the summer. Read books on the beach all day and hung out by a campfire or playing cards all night. It is amazing. This time around My Mom, Brother and I are all flying up on the same flight. They are there for a week, I'm taking a long weekend. It will still be amazing. I can't wait to see all my extended family and lay eyes on a town that I have such great memories off.

A sunset view from the Pier. I can't wait.  August is going to be so busy.

Monday, July 19, 2010

part of my world...

Is all about AutoCAD somedays and other days its all about finishes and furniture... my job changes almost daily on what I am up too. It's always interesting. Well my company recently just started carrying a lot of new things. I am in love with so many of the products. I wish I could buy one of each. I love lines that have many types of finishes and are unique. These companies have it in spades.

Like this chair from Porada.
I love the walnut and it's slightly retro but modern feel. So beautiful.

This Bonaldo chaise/chair called the Dragonfly Chair
 It's really gorgeous and folds up to be a chair. It just calls to me for a book and a blanket.

These companies have such fabulous items. I just wish I had a bit more space. Eventually. :D

Gasp.. My very own macbook...

So my wonderful husband decided to spoil me rotten. He bought me my very own Macbook Pro this weekend. I have been longing for one for a very long time but would not have spent the money for one.  I am absolutely in love though. It is so amazing and nice. I can not wait to move all my files, tweak it and make it my very own. I feel very designer-y. (Yes I made that up.)  He had a whole hour before he gave me it. He hid it in our oven so I wouldn't see it. Lucky I didn't come home and start dinner. The horror.
I am going to get a copy of illustrator for it and then it will be official.

Thank you Eric!!! You Rock

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Vacation time.

I have a few more weeks to go but Eric and I finally set aside some days to go on a vacation. I am so excited to get away for a few days is going to be great.  Except we don't know where we are going. We are waiting to the last minute and are going to  hunt down a deal online. So we could end up anywhere. I'm really excited about that aspect of the trip. We've joked about flying to London and staying up on our time and just having a crazy weekend or going to back to New York and living it up a little. Honestly we could end up anywhere. I secretly hope we get to use our passports though. I love getting stamps.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Blue days.

Everyone has blue days. Today happens to be one of mine. Nothing to really go on about here, and nothing life threatening. I'm still down though.  I was talking to a friend today. Who helped make me feel a bit better. Right before she said bye she said something and it jogged my memory for that little plaque above. "A Giggle a day keeps the glums away" That little plaque hung in my baby room, and my room growing up for as long as I can remember until finally it was hidden in my jewelry box. I lost it when my home was robbed and my jewelry box stolen last December. I have been trying for ages to remember exactly what it said. I may not still have that little plaque anymore just this image I found online but it still is true. I'm going to find something to giggle about today and it will make my day a bit better.  

ps Whoever robbed my home I hope you never ever laugh again.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Better Late then never?

It's been almost a year. I finally got my act together and printed Eric and I's wedding Album.  I wanted to add a copy of our Ceremony to the last pages so we will always be able to read it. I finally found it in my old emails with our ceremony written in it, Eric's vows and my vows and ordered it! I can't wait to see it in person.

I also love that I can now preview my whole book on as shown above. They are such a fabulous company. Now to count down until I get my book.