Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cuff Links

I love the sentiment behind these. I always sign my letters with it.

I love these watch piece cufflinks. The really remind my of Eric. He loves watches and all things mechanical. I think I might just get a pair for him.

These are so cool that they are from an old type writer. The seller said they could take any letter you wanted. I really like the Q & A though. it makes me laugh.

These just cracked me up.

I loved monopoly as a kid. It was always a very serious game in my household growing up. It was always fun though. My Dad and brother always beat me. On reflection I bet the took advantage of my innocent monoply skills to fleece me of my better properties. :) It was still fun even though I never won.

Sometimes I think that men are given the short stick when it comes to jewelry. They usually just get a watch and a ring. I think though that with these cufflinks that men are taking some of the fun back. Now I want to wear cufflinks. These are so interesting and different. is full of amazing personal cufflinks for any occasion or hobby. I chose just a few of my favorites to share.

All of these cufflink images were found on from various sellers.


gramma j said...

You guys picked out the same cuff links I did!! I found your page finally,Now I want to see your amazing shoes & it wont take me there!??

gramma j said...
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