Monday, April 22, 2013

Planes and cars

The past few months have been hectic. I've also been busy playing. Eric and I have been flying. When we can. It is a truly amazing thing to be able to do. We've flown to South Carolina to visit Eric's parents and as far as St. Simon's island for a surprise Valentine's holiday. A Valentine's day that might just go down in my books as the best. Flying, great food, and a blue and white ribboned box. Not sure what I did to deserve it all but it was amazing.

When we haven't been flying we bought a new car and it drives like a dream. That picture is from a drive we did on the Dragon's tail this weekend. It's Eric's new baby. We also have been tweaking my Mini and making it better. It had a power steering leak and Eric and I fixed it! I am really proud of that. Finally having a true garage has allowed us to do actual work on our cars when we want too.

Next up is breaks on my car. I am excited about it.

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