Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dancin' Music

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Music is so important to a great party. It sets the tone for the event and lets everyone know what to expect and if the music is a flop. You can probably bet that the party was too. I have just started my search for what type of Music to have at our wedding. Band or DJ? The pro's and cons to each as well as how much. It all has to be factored in. Especially if I want to get everyone from our grandmothers to our smallest relatives on the dance floor. I know what some basics that I'm looking for in music. They have to be able to play a little of everything. Eric and I's taste in music is all over the place. So it is necessary for us to have classic rock to today's top 40. Oh and throw in a bit of Sinatra during the cocktail hour. You can't have a cocktail hour with out Sinatra. The search has begun and I hope to find someone that can get our guests to rock out at our weddng.

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