Tuesday, October 14, 2008


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So I've purchased my dress. Eric and I think he's found his suit. We also know we want our groomsmen to wear suits. Eric and I both hate bow ties and well a suit is something you can keep and wear again. Now to plot what the girls wear. I know I want them to wear dark blue. I'm not sold on the pink sash's but I like the dark blue with the pink flowers. I also don't want the dresses to cost a small fortune. I really like the top dress from Jcrew but I feel that the dress's from them are limited in the style's they offer. I've got 3 girls to think about and they are all shaped differently, so I don't want them to wear the same thing. I ultimately want everyone in our bridal party to be comfortable and have fun.

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Kati said...

Oh! Wish I had seen this before this morning's post! Obviously I am a fan of the color combo!