Monday, March 30, 2009


One of the best parts of this weekend though was finally being able to check out inside of the Chapel where we are getting married. Yep I booked it site unseen. I lived in Athens during university, passed it a million times but never noticed it until I needed to find a place to get married. I found it online, loved the pictures and booked it. Though every time I've been to Athens it has been locked up so I have only peeked in the windows. (Eric went inside once and took that picture to show me.)
Yesterday it was unlocked for a play so I got to inside. It is so cool. I love the details on the railing, the great old fashioned chairs my guests will sit in. I am so excited to have explored the building. My Mom and Dad who met us on site arrived before Eric and I did. My Dad was really happy to see it and he secretly practiced with my Mom how the whole wedding day aisle walk will happen with my Mom before I arrived. My Mom told me today.

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