Monday, June 22, 2009


So there are very few moments in life where I am speechless. I can usually come up with something in any situation I am in. Saturday was one of the few exceptions. For the past three months I have been thinking that I was going to my future-in-law's for a surprise Father's Day get together. My Future-Mom-in law said that it isn't often that all her kids get together and it would be nice to. Sure that sounds great. I'll be there, no problem. Fast forward to Saturday. A few hitches in the plan, venue change, I made cake bites, got a cool Dad's day gift. I'm ready to go celebrate.

We arrive at our destination and Surprise! it's not anything for Father's day. It's a surprise wedding shower, for Eric and I. I was so speechless. I couldn't believe it. Eric had been let in on the plan, but I had no clue. I am still in aww that everyone kept such a secret from me and that Eric's Mom threw us a shower, but wait it get's even cooler.

So 97% of Eric's extended family is from the midwest and couldn't be there so they set up a web camera hooked it up to the TV and over Skype they were at the shower too! On their side they had sugar cookie wedding cakes, and decorations too! It was amazing. Oh and I can't forget that my parents were there too. Who I had recently spoke to about some other wedding details. They were already waiting on us to arrive.

I am still in shock and so thankful for everything. I also think that I am marrying into the best family. :D

Thank you so much to my soon to be Parent's-in-law for planning such a wonderful event and for everyone that showed up via web and in real life. Thank you, Thank you Thank you!


LauraAnn said...

That is so sweet!!! What a special surprise!

kelly bell said...

OH EVA! I got chills reading this! I can not WAIT until your wedding! I am so excited for you and Eric! YAY...