Friday, June 26, 2009

Hair Trials.

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As this last month of crunch time sets in I have a few very important things to finalize, this Saturday I hope to finalize my hair. My lovely Maid of Honor has offered up her skills to see what can happen with my hair. I originally wanted something like the last picture. I realized though in August those pretty curls are going to fall and frizz and make me look like the troll doll my brother said I was when I was a kid. Which is the last thing I want to look like on my wedding day. So I've rethought about it and decided I want my hair up. but how. Do I want it more to one side? All in the back? Do I want a flower, a rhinestone comb. Do I want it more loose and soft, more controlled or a mix of the two. The options are endless. I also have my veil to consider. Which I haven't gotten yet. I hope that puppy arrives soon. I am anxious to see it. Hopefully this weekend will settle this hair situation for me.


ema.leigh said...

it's great that you're considering the August heat!! My votes are a flower over rhinestones.. it's just more elegant. They are alllll pretty hairstyles though!!

LauraAnn said...

Good luck with the hair trial! I had to settle for an all up do too since we are getting married in August as well. Gotta love heat and humidity!