Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Journal Keeping while on vacation

So the first time I traveled abroad I wanted to remember everything. So the geek that I am I bought a moleskin journal to write everything down in. So on this trip I decided to do it again. I'm also a crazy pack rat traveler and keep mementos of what we do. Ticket stubs, random interesting receipts. I scan it all and it goes in our blurb album when I make them.  Keeping a journal is also a handy place to keep flight information, hotel info and other important details that you need handy.
It is also fun to read a few years later and remember the little things that cracked us up or drove us crazy.

I think this trip I drove Eric crazy with a jingle I made up.
Sad hungry (American) humans that we are Eric dipped into a Mcdonald's for breakfast one morning and I saw on the menu a Chicken move-it. All I could think of is the cartoon Madagascar  and I like to move it move it. Which in my double espresso head became " I like the chicken move-it move-it" McDonalds if you are listening it could totally be an ad campaign for you. It got stuck in my head for days! These are the things I think of and journal. Traveling in a foreign country where you speak a handful of words can make you sink into a crazy sing-songy type of world. Ok maybe that's just me.

Either way it was good times.

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Becky said...

I cannot imagine YOU on a double espresso! I remember you as a kid on one can of Mountain Dew and how hyper you got on just that! You're lucky poor Eric didnt leave your singing behind on the side of some Spanish road singing "move-it." I'm sure you were wiggling and dancing arournd to that catchy little tune too. Too cute.