Friday, November 2, 2012


I am a pretty big food person. I like to eat it, cook it and experience as many different types as I can. I follow a lot of chefs and like to eat at their restaurants when I can.  Since traveling to Spain I have become a huge Spanish cuisine fan. I make Spanish food whenever I can. I love to go out and eat tapas and watch cooking shows about it.
When I walked past one of my favorite chef's resturants in July and actually saw him in the restaurant I had a bit of a fan freak out on the street. I walked by the corner thinking it looked like Jose Andreas, continued walking by, realized it was him and backed up like a kid seeing Mickey Mouse.  I think he saw me. My eyes must have been huge. I told Eric we HAVE to eat here, now. Even if I didn't get to meet him I wanted to see what he was like. So we went in. I tried to not be crazy and look out for him but I was really excited. I've seen Jose Andreas on television. I have his cookbook. I'm a fan.

After some delicious food. including rabbit, cheese, octopus and some Estrella Damm beer. We asked if we could meet him. The server said he was really friendly and not be shy. So when we got up to leave we walked over. He was awesome really nice and totally ok with taking a picture with us. 

He also told us to tell the bartender "happy birthday Jose!" Turns out it was his Birthday and we were given a glass of Cava. It was really awesome and absolutely made my day.

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