Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Gift giving

Eric's new toy
So I love giving gifts. I absolutly love to search out what I think would be a fantastic gift for someone buy it and hold it to the best possible moment to give whatever I deem the "perfect" gift for that person. Well this weekend I found the best deal ever. My Fiance loves watches. It's his male jewelry he says. I can wear earrings, rings, necklaces.... he gets two pieces. A wedding band that is in drawer waiting for our fateful day and watches. So this weekend in my wonderful search for something interesting to wear on our wedding day or for any thing really. I stumbled upon a amazing find.. big watch. This is something that Eric has been secretly pining for. I asked the lady at the jewelry counter to see it. To my utter astonishement it was much less then I expected, it was exactly the giagantor watch that Eric wanted. I had to buy it or forever regret that I let such a deal slip through my grubby paws. As soon as I left the store I could hardly keep my excitment down. I had to give my gift. Alas I can never hold on to a gift for long. I met up with Eric and gave him his watch. Which he was so excited it made my day.

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