Thursday, September 4, 2008

Something old, something new...

I'm all about changing and mixing up traditions. My Mother is probably exasperated by my antics now. Eric and I aren't very traditional people. We want to shake it up a little. Besides some wedding traditions just seem a little old and dusty. For example..white shoes... for real. My mom thought I had gone mad when I said I wanted at first blue shoes then I switched to bright fuschia ones. I eventually won her over. My shoes are just to fabulous. Well back to my main focus... wedding traditions and the usual something old. something new, something borrowed and something blue. I absolutely love the idea of doing this as drinks. Something old, like a regular martini, something new... maybe some tasty pink concoction with sugar around the edge. Something borrowed-I'm going to get my genius of a drink maker brother to help me here as well as with the something blue. He has amazing drink making skills.
As well as tasting delicious, I think it's a great way to incorporate a tradition but put a spin on it. Ok I'm also a sucker for brightly colored drinks, and they sound perfect for a summer wedding.

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Mom Kovalcik said...

I love your new ideas...even though I seem hesitant at first they always turn out great! The shoes are SO wonderful. And who doesnt love colorful drinks!!
Bring em' on.