Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm a sucker for a suit

I love suits, I love ties, I love jackets, and I especially love cufflinks. I know I shouldn't be jealous that men get to wear them when I have a much large list of things I can adorn myself with. I just love Men's fashion. Which is why I really love the show Mad Men from AMC. I know I'm a couple of decades to late but the styles on that show are just so fabulous. I came across this amazing interview with the Janie Bryant, the costume designer behind the show. The featured Plaidy of the Week on all plaid out. It is a great interview and gave me some inspiration for Eric. Monogramed cuff links. I'm not sure where I'll get them yet but this quick google search landed me these puppies. I'll keep on the hunt for a good deal and maybe add them to his growing collection of cuff links.

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