Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fall Happiness

Labor day weekend is over. It's now time for Fall. Down here in the South it's been hot for ages. I wish, wish, wish it would get cooler and the leaves would change. That might also be because I bought this fantastic jacket this weekend at Banana Republic.
It's kind of a Indiana Jones/Meets biker awesomeness. I absolutely love it. It also feels like butter and I got it for 50% off! Oh yeah tiy read that right 50% off. Banana ran a sale this weekend where you got a card when you walked in Eric and I got a 50% off one and set about finding some awesome purchases. This is what I got. :)
Eric on the other hand decided it was time to set aside his college wardrobe and be a bit more fashion forward and revamped his whole closet. He's going to look fantastic. He said it was time to retire some of the old polos and t-shirts he's had for ages. We pulled out 3 very large bags of stuff. We live in less then 800 sq feet, it feels refreshing to have a bit more closet space. (We also only have one true closet.)

Cheers to amazing sales and buying a what the hell jacket that is going to be awesome. So when is this cooler weather going to arrive. I've got jacket fever.

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