Monday, November 8, 2010

Designer Fail

So sometimes we all get caught up in the excitement of something and then realize. Hey wait I don't want this or this won't work. Well that's what happened to us. We desperately needed a new sofa. I was not moving this past may with our old college sofa. Hell or high water I was getting rid of that thing.  So before we moved Eric and I headed up to the Pottery Barn outlet and found a sofa by West Elm for super cheap, a regularly 1,000 +/- sofa for $400.00. We both sat on it, thought it was fine. (It was a bit short, but we thought oh we can deal.) Well enter 7 months later. WE HATE THIS SOFA. It is just to small for us. Only one of us could get comfortable on the sofa at one time. :/ So I have been on the hunt for a new sofa, something we both could fit on, live on, compute on and just relax on. Yesterday as we were browsing around our local furniture stores. I was thinking I'll just order one through work we ended up going into West Elm again. This time we walked out with something more manageable. A sectional sofa we can both relax on. I am so excited about it. I've never wanted to go home and watch tv so much.

So lesson learned. Really think about the length of your sofa if you have a husband over 6' tall. Just because it's a fantastic deal doesn't mean it will work for you. Lastly don't get starry eyed because you desperately want a new sofa. These are all things I thought about before we bought our first sofa but I ignored because I was so excited to get something new and should have waited and bought what we wanted and needed.
Our new sofa looks something like this. :)

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