Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's a Christmas Miracle

It's December 7th and I'm almost done Christmas shopping. I've gotten everyone except 1 person checked off my list. This NEVER happens. I'm usually thinking away until a few days before Christmas. It feels so good to have things wrapped and placed under the tree.

Now I get to do one of my favorite parts of Christmas shopping. I'm going to go shopping for my Mom with my Dad. It's a yearly tradition and one I really look forward to. It's a day of just my Dad and I, shopping, talking and grabbing lunch. Now we just need to schedule a date.  Also in thinking about my Dad it's almost been a year since he got his hip replaced. His hip had just fallen apart and was causing him great pain. I am so happy that he doesn't hurt anymore. It was so hard to see that he was in such excruciating pain. I'm not sure how he put up with it as long as he did. He may have had to give up baseball but to see him walk pain free is one of the best things that's has happened this year. I guess it's another miracle or medical technology.

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