Thursday, September 24, 2009



Weddings aren't only about the newly married couple they are a huge family celebration. A merging of two families, another chapter in both families life. My family is a huge part of my life and I was so proud and happy to have them at my wedding.  My Mom who helped me through some of the most challenging planning aspects. My Dad who worried about crying as he gave me away and danced to our first dance. (Trust me I was worried too.) Luckily we both kept it together and last my big and only brother. Who surprised us all with his tears. He was very emotional on our wedding day.  He was a groomsman so Eric got to see him get all choked up over his baby sister's wedding.  The picture above is right after our ceremony.

My wedding wasn't only about Eric and I it was a huge celebration of happiness for my family. I think sometimes while you plan a wedding you forget that a wedding isn't just about the bride and groom. It becomes a very big moment for all families involved.


acdc080109 said...

Gorgeous pictures!

LauraAnn said...

I love how the emotion was captured in those pictures!!