Friday, September 11, 2009


Eric and I had a really hard time with recessional song.  We couldn't decide what we wanted. Did we want it serious.. funny... instrumental like the entrance music?  I already had made my life harder by choosing to walk down the aisle to non traditional music. I found music that fit all I hoped our ceremony would be it was perfect. It also had to be timed just right so we could all walk down and end at the proper spots. I digress, back to the topic. Recessional. The whole week before our wedding and during the week of was full of me fretting and obsessing over songs, youtube, lists. Everywhere and anywhere there wedding recessional lists were posted I viewed it. Still nothing really popped out at us.  Finally 3 days before our wedding. We were sitting on the couch talking music and this song popped up into my head. We loved it when we first heard it. It sounded just like the crazy stuff we joke around together with. Enter "all I want is you" by Barry Louis Polisar. I think it took our guests buy surprise and it was perfect. I loved it.

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acdc080109 said...

Love the song! Great pick!