Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The details- guys edition

I love small details from weddings.  While planning my wedding I wanted to have as many small personal touches as possible.  I had a lot of time to plan I figured so I had a lot of time to make sure I could make them happen.  I'm going to start with the guy's details. I love all things that men get to wear.  I also wanted to make sure that my groom wasn't forgotten. So many things in the wedding industry are geared towards the bride.  And the groom is half the wedding. On with my details.
Our whole wedding was color schemed by Eric's tie and my shoes. (More about those later.) His tie was one of the first things we bought. Everything was easy from there. His tie is by Paul Smith and it's fabulous. The lining on the inside of it is roses. I thought that was a real nice touch, especially for our wedding. The groomsmen all wore hot pink and blue ties from  They were nice quality and pretty affordable especially when I had to buy 3 of them.
I know in the blog-o-sphere there are many pictures of guys in cool socks.  I loved it from the moment I saw it. Luckily I found some hot pink and navy socks. (Thanks Ralph Lauren!) Even more lucky, my groom and the guys agreed to wear them.
I also had a tough time with finding the perfect cuff links. For a while I wanted to get him some steampunk cuff links made from old watch parts. Then I found a great deal on a watch so I bought him the watch pictured above.  After much searching I realized I wanted to get him something that would be a memory of the location we got married.  It was a plus that I got to include our honeymoon on the new vintage map cuff links I purchased from etsy seller dlkdesigns. They are really cool and I like seeing him wear them, now after our wedding.
Lastly all they guys wore hot pink boutonnieres. It was a nice splash of color on their dark suit jackets.  I think I did a decent job of dolling up the guys. I want them to feel just as important and special as the girls.