Tuesday, September 22, 2009


When Eric and I were trying to figure out where we would go for our honeymoon we knew we really wanted to go back to Europe. We didn't know though if we had enough cash to make it happen. So for a while we thought going to a tropical island get away would be more affordable. Eric my travel guru took over all honeymoon plans and when it came down to it. St. Maarten was the same price as going to Spain.  So with out much further ado we were headed to Barcelona.
Let me also say that we knew nothing about Barcelona besides, Tapas and the 92 Olympics. We packed our bags, bought a Rick Steve's guide book and hopped our flight. In one word the city is AMAZING. It was so refreshing to not know anything about your destination, to have the freedom to do what ever we wanted. Between the bar exam and wedding planning we both were very busy this summer. We walked the Mediterranean, it was to cold to swim, relaxed by our hotel's roof top pool, rambled up las Ramblas the Sagrida Famila, and drank a lot of Sangria and the local Estrella Damm beer. Our Honeymoon was the perfect kind of vacation for us. A bit of the beach, cool historic sites and the city. I can't wait to go back.

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