Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Chic

Happy Chic decorative home accessories is how Jonathon Adler describes his style via his website. His style is eccletic, bright, fanciful and fun. What began as a career in pottery has branched out to some really great furniture pieces and decorative accessories.  I love the colors that he brings to his pieces. I especially love the new red lacquer. Such bold statements can be created with color or the lack of. I would love to have an all black and white room and alternate colored accessories. Maybe that's just my fantasy when I browse through Jonathon Adler's site.
I love this bed. It reminds me of Don and Betty Draper's bed on Mad Men. It's almost over the top but the color brings it back down. Ahhh swoon. Love it.

This funky Mrs Godfrey Chair is so retro and cute I just want to take it home with me.

 This Giraffe lamp is also really precious. I would love to see it in a kids room.

Lastly it wouldn't be Jonathon Adler if I didn't include some pottery. I love this little squirrel ring holder. I love it's silly little grin.

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