Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A new home!

So this is my new building... I also work in the retail part of it. Rock on! My hour commute is now down to a quick elevator ride and a 10ft walk. How sweet is that.  I'm also excited that it's a loft. A real loft, with exposed brick, huge windows and lots of light, and glazed concrete floors. Sigh, I am so excited. I can't wait to move. I can't wait to nest in a new home. Only 18 more days to go before it's my new digs. Before then I have a lot of packing and purging to do. Sunday Eric and I got rid of a lot of random but usless stuff in our current place. We also got rid of a chaise that I have wanted to get rid of forEVER. It is now gone.  I also, sniff sniff, gave away my drafting table from college. It was time, part of it had broken and I originally bought it for 10 bucks. I have to stop being such a pack rat. Anyway back to the exiting bits. Eric and I are about to move to one of the most interesting and nicest parts of this Southern City. We'll be able to walk to lots of great restaurants,theaters, and parks. I can't wait! Why can't someone else get rid of my junk, pack the good stuff and move me sooner.

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