Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dining in style?

from Flickr

I have been anxious for new dining room chairs for a while.  I didn't know if I really had it in my budget to splurge on some right now. A new sofa was more what I was wanting and that is a big purchase. So I held out. Until Saturday when we found the steal on our new sofa. (see previous post). So I felt it was the opportunity to finally get some new chairs. I want to breathe life into my antique table with some modern chairs. What chairs? I really wanted a Ghost chair. Though I see them all over, maybe something else entirely. Maybe the pantone chairs pictured below. Something clean and simple. 

I finally realized I what I wanted. I wanted a clear chair so my gorgeous antique table can be seen and also something that in our new loft won't make the place look visually cluttered. That's where I settled on Kartell's Frilly chair. Pictured above in pink.

From here

I found them in clear and ordered four of them for our new home to go around our antique table. Sigh happiness.  I do love the chair in pink, it photographs so well.  Clear, though, was the winner it will match with any color I decide.

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