Monday, April 19, 2010

Festival Fun

by Conni Tögel from

This weekend was jam packed full of appointments and spending time with friends and family. (As well as doing some prep work for our move.) Anyway one of the fun things that Eric and I did this weekend was go to the Dogwood festival with our friend Jill. It's an annual art festival held in the biggest park in the city.  It was a lot of fun walking around looking at all the artwork and people watching. :) 

Eric and I ended up buying two new pieces of art. One is a mini print of the picture above. We thought the sheep were hilarious. The names are very clever too, this one is entitled Baaa Vinci.  We all had a good laugh looking at her work.  We also bought a metal sculpture of a toad. We already have a recycled metal sculpture of a fish and a crab. It will be exciting to have new artwork in our new place. We bought the fish when we first got together, and the crab was a law school gift. :) 
Sunday we had brunch with my in-laws. Which was wonderful and we did a Trash the Dress session with our wedding photographer at an old factory. I can not wait to see them. It was so interesting being in an old factory and seeing all the things left behind, I'll post more on that later when we get the pictures back. 

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