Thursday, July 8, 2010

Blue days.

Everyone has blue days. Today happens to be one of mine. Nothing to really go on about here, and nothing life threatening. I'm still down though.  I was talking to a friend today. Who helped make me feel a bit better. Right before she said bye she said something and it jogged my memory for that little plaque above. "A Giggle a day keeps the glums away" That little plaque hung in my baby room, and my room growing up for as long as I can remember until finally it was hidden in my jewelry box. I lost it when my home was robbed and my jewelry box stolen last December. I have been trying for ages to remember exactly what it said. I may not still have that little plaque anymore just this image I found online but it still is true. I'm going to find something to giggle about today and it will make my day a bit better.  

ps Whoever robbed my home I hope you never ever laugh again.

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