Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Celebrating our Anniversary

This Sunday will mark Eric and I's one year anniversary. We are celebrating by going on a trip to Washington D.C. Neither Eric or I have ever been. We are so excited, we didn't know DC was in the plans we randomly picked it this past sunday via internet searching. Once we settled on a location it was time to do some research. We started with our favorite snarky chef, Anthony Bourdain. He'd been to DC right. Of course he had. So we watched his episode, drooled over the food and decided we had to check out a Jose Andres restaurant. He's an amazing Spainish chef and we went to Spain for our honeymoon. Perfect.

One awesome place to check out for our food love down. Now a million other places to see and explore. We haven't really been away since our honeymoon so this is going to be a great trip.


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