Thursday, February 17, 2011


Every year New Year's rolls by and I make a sort of half-hearted attempt at a resolution. This year I have done it again but on a smaller scale so that I can make it more of a life change then a few week resolution. I've kept up eating a bit healthier as well as working out. The month of January I created a habit. They say doing anything for 21 days creates a habit. It's true. So the 21 days has past and I still go almost daily. I have had trouble going lately with my upcoming trip. I also have a calendar that I've placed on my fridge where I can place an X for the days I go. It's silly but it makes me happy to mark it off a bench mark of sorts. 

One of my favorite things that has happened out of this is walking. Every weekend and a few times a week instead of going to the gym Eric and I walk. We usually come up with a destination, a restaurant, store or something to explore and we set off. Our walks usually take us a couple of miles. Last nights was about 4 our longest about 10. I realize I look forward to these walks more than any other part of my day. It's time for Eric and I to talk about our day, to explore and see new things about the city we live in and try new edible awesomeness this city has to offer.  It is also nice knowing that I'm still working on being healthy and sticking with my plan as well as creating a better bond with Eric.

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