Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Guest Book


Our wedding is approaching fast, really fast. I have a lot of DIY projects and other wedding related things that I still need to check off of my list. More on those ever growing lists later. For now I want to talk about my current project. Our guest book. By our wedding day Eric and I will be shy of 6 years by two weeks. That being said I wanted to share with our families and friends some of the things that we have done together, notes we've written each other. First date ticket stubs and pictures of places we've traveled together. I have saved tons of this stuff. I'm a pack rat, and for the last few months I have tracked a lot of it down. I've scanned all of them and have started importing it into a Blurb book.

It has been a fun journey reflecting on our first dates, vacations, Game days and costume parties that we've done over the years. I was inspired ages ago by Deanna and Jesse's guest book as seen above. I still have a few more years to go before I send my book to print but so far so good. I also don't know where this summer will take us so I'll wait a while until I send it.

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