Saturday, May 9, 2009

Invitation fiasco

So-o a few weeks ago I wrote that I finally hit the print button for my invitations. I talked about it here, and you can see the outside of them here. While I did press print and made all of the invitations I did have a few hiccups. 1st one was typo, that lovely Eric noticed after I had printed them all out and trimmed them down. Send to reprint. Oiy. It was a terrible night. I wanted to cry I had been working for hours and after a while you just don't see mistakes. I had had him read over them but I guess he missed it the first go around. Oh well. Reprint, retrim. Luckily I had bought more than enough paper. (I know myself.) So Take 2. They are done and assembled. Everything is looking good. I go to bed. I wake up Monday morning. Read one of my blog staples weddingbee and realize through a fellow wedding bloggers oops, that I did the same oops. I didn't put the address of my ceremony location anywhere. How did I not catch this, I pondered. What the hell. So a little redesigning, a little easy adjustment and a little more reprinting. I did figure having the ceremony address would be very beneficial. So after a few mistakes, some extra paper. They are all finished. I figured I'd right this short story to fess up to my DIY that has taken over my life, but is perfect now and almost out the door.
Moral of the story: don't print late at night.


pollicino said...

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ema.leigh said...

Geeze... don't tell me this! I'm getting ready to print my DIY invites. I didn't put an address on them- just the city and state. Hoping everyone will rely on mapquest or the ever-so-popular GPS systems that are so commonly found in almost any vehicle or cell phone.

They are cute though as is your blog. Are these your wedding colors? Navy and pink? L.O.V.E.!!!

Eva said...

Ema.Leigh Navy and pink are my colors. I only wanted both addresses since I had put one. It made sense to have both. I don't know why it took me until after I printed to realize it.