Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yum Food


This weekend is going to be filled with wedding related things. One of the things on my checklist to do is one that I have been waiting for and am really excited about. Food! (and the bar, along with the dance floor, chairs and linens) I am really excited. Eric and I will be making the drive to Athens to meet with our the catering company this Saturday. We are going to be make all the food selections for our wedding. What kind of appetizers do we want to have. What will be the main course for dinner. What kind of drinks will be available at the bar. We will possible too pick out our cake. I am really excited about that one. I puffy-heart love cake. We've talked about a lot of theses things but need to make some choices on Saturday. Sigh, I am so hungry now.


LauraAnn said...

Have fun and enjoy the yummy food!

WeddingPlanning said...

When food is involved, you're bound to have a great time.