Friday, May 15, 2009

Veiled in mystery

So I am a bride who doesn't like veils. I'm just not a fan. I think the traditional veil is not my style. It's to much. It's to big. It's makes me feel like I'm going on a safari. I know my Mother was heart broken when I said I wasn't going to wear one. She and I had many, many, many talks about it. So for the past year and a half I've been strong about my stance on NO veil. Until... I found something I really did like and it got me thinking. It swayed me and slowly made me switch gears and change my tune. Finally I had to talk to the one person who's view of me on that day means the most, Eric. I showed him what I ordered. He said He likes it and thinks its cool and will suit my style. He also was worried that I would look like I was fighting off mosquitoes on some African hike. I'll save the post of where my veil is from and who made it for when it gets here. Let's just say I'm really excited. For now I'll just show you the picture that changed my tune. Thanks Budget Savvy Bride for the inspiration.

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