Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Country Mouse.. to City Mouse

We've moved! Hip hip, after packing for days, purging tons of stuff we didn't need anymore. Eric and I  are finally sort of settled in our new loft. We are still living in boxes though so I don't have any new pictures. I promise I'll share as soon as everything is squared away. :) It's so exciting to live in the city now, to get up on a Sunday morning and walk to the bakery for something good for breakfast. I promise I will walk up the 5 flights to my new place so the every-now-and-again bakery indulgence doesn't make me the size of a killer whale. I have so much to still figure out though. Paint colors. I still need a few more organizational things to make life a little easier. Our loft is about 875 spacious square feet so it takes some skill to keep it open looking. I'm up for the challenge though.Cheers to a new beginning!

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