Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Modern Atlanta

This week has been very busy work wise, and home wise. I am excited though because next week is all about Modern Atlanta.  Modern Atlanta is a series of events and parties that showcases the edgier side of the city.  From architecture to fashion it includes everything.
a blurb from the Modern Atlanta ( MA) website.

MA’s aim is to embrace and connect a wide spectrum of practices including architecture and design, retail and trade, industry and academia, the arts, and NPO foundations. MA activities attract innovators, visionaries, independent minds, creative leaders, students, and non-specialist audiences with discussions on how design and innovative products improve everyday lives. MA provides the right conditions and venues for manufacturers and designers to successfully connect with businesses, consumers, and the public alike, by way of elevated local and international design exhibitions that expose all facets of the creative process including innovation and implementation. 

I am really exited to check out some of the events and broaden my vision on all things modern.  I'm also excited because one of the first projects I ever worked on is on the Modern Home tour. It is very exciting. :)

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