Monday, May 17, 2010

Our new Nest finally feels like home.

We've had everything unpacked for a while. All our new things stored in their new home. All the wedding gifts we've never had a chance to use we are using now. We bought a new sofa. That we love, a new TV to replace the one that was stolen from us in December. (We didn't want to buy one since we were afraid we could get robbed again.) We got so many new things our new home, felt more like a fancy hotel.

We had one last thing that we needed to do to that we hoped would make it feel like home. Hang pictures. We did that Sunday.  It feels like home now.  We have always had a lot of art on our walls. I worked in a frame shop in college so I framed a lot of art for us. When you first walk into our loft there is a long wall on that I used to hang about 15 pictures gallery style. It looks similar to that but bigger. Some of our pictures are 40" wide by 30" tall. Lucky we have 10' ceilings. It consists of our travels, our wedding, and our families. It looks good, and I finally feel like I am home.


Becky said...

I can't wait to come by Sunday for the car show and to see you new house all done!

Danielle said...

It looks absolutely beautiful Eva.