Monday, May 10, 2010


Eric and I are still adjusting to our new loft. We've also had to find places for many of the wedding gifts we received but hadn't been able to use in our new place.  That's where our Ikea shopping trip came in. We wandered through last weekend for stuff and ended up picking up these two cabinets. They fill up a space along our wall perfectly. The wall has a 63" jog in it then it straightens out the cabinets just fit with room for the drapery to slide next to when opened.  I think they look pretty great and didn't cost us a whole lot.
 I am also excited about the doors, They can be black or white or in my case the will probably be a cool fabric or paper. I'm still coordinating things.

We still have lots of pictures to hang (See them propped against the wall.) It's all coming together though and it is starting to feel like home.

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