Monday, July 9, 2012

continuing summer adventures

Back from NYC we stayed cool at the Aquarium. I finally saw a dolphin up close. Which was so exciting to me.

 Then headed to South Carolina to celebrate my Sister in Law graduating high school! Yeah Ellen! I am so excited for her. :)

This summer has also been exciting locally. Red Bull took over our city for one weekend for the Soapbox Derby. It was so much fun to see all the creative cars and cheer them on.

The amount of free Red Bull that was around had the crowd keyed up and loud.

It was a lot of fun the winner was Sweet water with a great trout soap box. It went by so fast I couldn't get a picture of it.

After that a huge skate board parade closed down Peachtree for the Modern Design Museum's Skate it or hang it. Hundreds of skate boards are hung up in the museum and to celebrate the opening they had ramps in front of the museum and skateboarders doing their thing.

The amount of entertaining things around this city makes me so happy. It's been a great summer so far.

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