Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Living with color.

Moving into our new place has allowed me to do something I don't often do. Live with bright colors. I design around other peoples wants, but for many years I have always kept my personal spaces limited to a few colors or muted palettes.  Our loft was all neutral, purple and some green.  Eric and I both wanted bold color in our new place. This time I've done exactly that. Colors that I want to live around and it feels awesome. Shades of lime,peacock, and vibrant green are on my downstairs walls. The small galley kitchen's one wall is the lime, the lucky green is on the dining room and my favorite the blue peacock color adorns my fireplace wall. The main walls are a nice neutral called by Sherwin Williams called "Wool Skein." It makes me smile just walking in the door.

This is the board I made for Eric to see. Using our existing pieces with some new ones. I'm still working on finding a rug. I want something bold and fun. I'm just not sure what. The octopus pillow is what inspired me to do green in the dining room. :)

ps. I love the names of paint chips. Wool Skein, Peacock, New Green, Lucky Green. They always make me smile.  Our bedroom is called raindrop more on that later.

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