Monday, July 9, 2012

Home happiness.

Along with all the traveling, and adventures that have been going on this summer we moved. Well as of a week ago we have moved.  We knew we couldn't stay at our current loft for much longer and we found an amazing townhouse, swooped in and got it.

Best parts: More than one bathroom (3) vs our original one.
                  A garage and work area. ( We can now build things!)
                  I can paint and redesign stuff ( Yipee!)
                  It is over twice the size of our last place.
                  1 word: closets.

Moving totally sucks. It took us awhile to box and put everything in order quickly to move by the first of July. We finally did the grown up thing and hired movers. It was quite possibly the best money spent. Carrying all our belongings two flights of stairs would not have been fun. Our new place is amazing. I've had a blast figuring out where things should go and some new furniture changes that have happened.  Finally after many years We have new bedroom furniture!

 I had been looking around in Atlanta with no luck on finding anything mid century and modern. My mom however lucked out and found a dresser, mirror, and awesome chest near her house. She called me and said it was amazing. I trusted her and now own some amazing walnut furniture. it replaced the very very old and dated furniture I have had since I lived at home with my folks and was in the 8th grade.

In other awesome furniture news. Eric and I bought a new teak dining room table. It has a secret hidden leaf and beautiful lines. I can't wait to make dinner and eat there.

Everything is still a work in progress, we have no pictures on the walls or curtains. I do have paint! When we moved in everything was flat gold, poo brown and red. It's slowly changing over to a more neutral beige with brighter accents. I love the peacock color in my living room. It makes me so happy every time I see it.


The home changes are still happening. I love the hunt of finding something fantastic. The place is starting to feel more like home though. I also admit I love having walls again. Living in a loft was fun, it had a great view, but if one of us wanted to go to sleep creeping around and being quiet all the time sure did stink.

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So pretty, great job Eva!!!