Monday, July 9, 2012

Life has moved pretty fast..

I last posted about taking Eric to San Juan for his birthday. We had an amazing time. Our life changed big as soon as we hit the ground. Eric finally got the call that a job that he had been wanting and waiting for came through! What a way to start a Birthday weekend.

Back to San Juan, Puerto Rico is a pretty beautiful place. We enjoyed the ocean, rented a jeep took off the top and road through the jungle, ate amazing pork from a roadside stand. Anthony Bourdain would have been proud.  We had a great time. It was a an amazing way to bring in a Birthday.

We had a weekend at home, then flew off to NYC for ICFF. The large modern design furniture fair that is held every year. It was my first time going. It was incredibly inspirational. After many years I think I've turned Eric to the dark side of well made furniture = long term happiness with what you live around. I.E. he is not a fan of Ikea anymore.

We saw these amazing chairs while there. They folded up into 1/2" and can be hung in the closet. We really wanted them. Instead I drooled over those chairs, coffee tables with bronze inlays and amazing British wall paper. ICFF was very cool.

We also stayed at the Maritime Hotel in Chelsea. It reminded me of the old Cary Grant movie houseboat. Everything was nautical themed. It was adorable. We really loved hanging out in New York City and exploring the city. It had been three years since I had been and eight since Eric had been. We met up with my friend Billie for lunch, and also checked out the 9.11 memorial. It was a great tribute to a tragic event.

New York is absolutely amazing. Also in my food loving nature We ate at Lupa! It was fantastic. 

Back in Atlanta more crazy changes happened....

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