Monday, August 31, 2009

Hair flower

I struggled with if I wanted a veil. Orginally I said NO WAY not me. Then I went back on what I said and said.. maybe a little one. I bought a bird cage veil. I still wasn't feeling it. It just wasn't me.  So I though maybe if I made a hair flower I'd like my veil better.  So I headed over to my local Michael's bought a silk rose and a silk peony. Came home deconstructed them on the sly. Eric didn't want to know what my wedding day wardrobe was.  I made my flower with some tulle and some swarovski crystals I had lying about. I thought it came out perfect. Except It didn't work as I originally intended. I didn't like it at all with the birdcage veil. I like it just as it was. So I went back and forth on a veil, on just a crystal comb and finally settled on a flower. I think it was perfect.
What made it even better is it didn't cost me a fortune. That little flower cost me a whopping $3.00. I'm a natural born deal hunter I couldn't bear to spend 20 bucks on something I could easily make. :) It also is pretty sweet because when I do wear it now. (On special date nights) It reminds me of my wedding day.

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