Friday, August 21, 2009

Weddings & Birthdays Oh My

So my wedding... gasp 20 days ago was also my Big brother's 30th birthday. He graciously let me have it. (Thank you Andy!) I didn't want him to think his birthday was forgotten though so I conspired with Cakes by Mere, to have a Cartman cake made for him and given to him at our rehearsal dinner. He loves Southpark and Cartman so this cake was perfect for him. It really suprised him and made his night that he got a Birthday cake.
I love my big brother and makeing sure he wasn't forgotten on my wedding was a big deal for me. After all you only turn 30 and get married once right. :)

Side note: The cake was delicious and he loved it. Chocolate and yellow cake with buttercream. Everyone was happy.

Thanks again Meredith, from Cakes by Mere. You made his night. :)

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